Neuphony partners with Microsoft for Startups (India) to accelerate growth!

We are happy to announce that Neuphony partners with Microsoft for Startups (India) to accelerate growth!

Over the past few years Microsoft has supported a lot of startups across the world by providing expert advice and different programs . Microsoft for Startups, is a program that aims to bring technology and marketing expertise to startups and that — maybe most importantly — includes a co-selling program that allows startups to piggyback on Microsoft’s existing sales force.

Our mental health encompasses our psychological, emotional and social well-being. This means it impacts how we feel, think and behave each day. Our mental health also contributes to our decision-making process, how we cope with stress and how we relate to others in our lives and in our professional life. We are constantly comparing ourselves or competing against 8 Billion people in every facet of our lives. This is the reason we are becoming more and more stressed and nothing  we do seems to be enough. This constant stress and self-doubt is the reason we seeing rise in burn-outs, insomnia and other preventable anxiety related disorders.

Neuphony believes in unlimited potential of human mind and strives toward unlocking it to bring out the best in them. Neurofeedback has been scientifically proven to be a powerful tool to improve the overall health of your brain including improving memory, sleep quality and reducing stress and anxiety. Neuphony brings you the benefits of neurofeedback at the comfort of your home with the help of EEG headband and a mobile application. The headband measures the electrical activity (EEG) of your brain and the mobile app based on the sensor data recommends you meditation techniques to achieve your desired state. Over sessions it trains your brain on how to achieve the desired state itself. 

A special thanks to Subrata Patra Ideacapital Ventures and Rahul singh, for making this happen.

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