This year “Neuphony” bagged the award again and topped the hotlist of the “Neurotech” industry. As a promising start-up, Neuphony has been awarded by the “Indian Achievers’ Forum” in recognition of outstanding professional achievement and contribution to nation-building. Indian Achievers’ Forum is the platform that aims to reward outstanding achievements by groups and individuals who directly or indirectly impact the socio-economic welfare of India. Moreover, the forum engages in developing and sharing ideas, opinions, and knowledge on the key issues.

Our team is pleased and grateful for this latest recognition and is trying to get better day by day to deliver its best at the global level. Neuphony helps in enhancing the growth of cognitive, emotional, and psychomotor pathways of the human brain. It helps in unlocking the true potential of your mind using neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback can act as an efficient tool to improve brain health in humans. Neuphony brings you the benefits of neurofeedback at the comfort of your home with the help of an EEG headband and a mobile application. A person’s mental desired state can be achieved with the help of our recommended meditation techniques.

We can help in providing real-time feedback on your mental health and thus help in boosting your brain behavior. Choose Neuphony today and you’ll never regret your decision. Let’s improve the way you feel, think, and perform by scientifically training your brain waves.