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BCI Applications with Neuphony

Harness the potential of your mind to control apps and machines, turning science fiction into reality today.

EEG Data Acquisition using Neuphony EEG Headsets (Dry)

Signal & Data processing using Neuphony Desktop Application

Lab Streaming Layer to Help Build & Develop Applications

Exploring Brain Controlled Technology

Brain Controlled Technology can allow individuals to interact with various devices and applications using their thoughts alone.

Assistive Technology

People with disabilities can enable individuals with motor impairments to control wheelchairs, communication devices, and robotic arms.

Brain-Controlled VRs & Gaming Experience

Players can use their thoughts to manipulate characters, objects, or actions within a game, enhancing the gaming experience.

Develop Your Own Applications

People with disabilities can enable individuals with motor impairments to control wheelchairs, communication devices, and robotic arms.

Neuromarketing Research & Advertising

Gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior through brain waves Data & craft compelling advertising campaigns

Why Choose Neuphony?

Quick to set up - Dry EEG Electrodes

Neuphony headsets has dry EEG sensors which doesn’t require any saline or gel while setting up for data acquisition. This makes the headband setup easy & quick.

Accurate & High Quality Real-time EEG Data

The quality of EEG data is highly accurate and real-time which helps you use triggers without having any latency in data.

Pre-built Software Interface with Loaded Features & Experiments

Neuphony offers a Desktop Application with inbuilt insights – focus, relaxation, readiness, fatigue, mood & much more.

Dedicated Support to Help You Build Your Dream Application

Neuphony offers a dedicated support of experts to help you build your BCI project/experiment. 

Built a Brain-Computer Interface
using Neuphony

Used Cognitive Parameters from Neuphony to build a Brain Controlled Interface

Controlling Drones using
Neuphony Flex Cap

Used Machine Learning Algorithms with the Neuphony EEG Cap and Desktop Application to Control & Fly Drones

Brain Controlled VR Gaming Experience

Enhanced VR Gaming Experience with Brain Controlled Interface

Launched India's Largest Brain-Computer Interface Labs

India's First Brain Computer Interface Lab at Jaypee Institute of Information & Technology, Noida

From brain activity controlled home automation solutions to different applications for differently abled people, BCI Technology is reaching its peak. Neuphony in partnerneship with Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology launched India’s First and Biggest Brain Computer Interface Lab.

JIIT UG and PG students will use NeuroTech to create new applications in diverse fields.

Brain Computer Interface Lab at
Sharda University

Neuphony in partnerneship with Sharda University launched a Brain Computer Interface Lab for students and BCI enthusiasts to explore neurotechnolgy & innovate cool tech stuff.

Broaden Your Horizons in Brain Research With Neuphony

Neuphony EEG Headband

6-Channel Wireless EEG Headset with Dry Electrodes
Used by Top Research Organisation across the globe

Neuphony Flex Cap

8-Channel Wireless EEG Headset with Dry Electrodes
(No Hassle of Saline or Gels)

Neuphony Desktop Application

One Stop Solution for Real-time EEG Data, Band Powers & Cognitive Insights (Connection via Cable OR Bluetooth dongle)

Driving Brain Data Innovation with Our Partner Ecosystem

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