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Tap into the power of neurofeedback and elevate your mental fitness.
Discover stress relief and cognitive enhancement through targeted brain exercises and guided meditation in our innovative brain gyms.

Jumpstart your journey to wellness with sessions starting at just
INR 499/- for 45 minutes

What is the Neuphony Brain Gym?

Survey Unveils Remarkable Insights From Users
Who Experienced Neuphony Sessions


65% People reported a Increase in Focus just after 8 sessions


85% People reported a increase in Relaxation Levels after 4 sessions

Mental Fatigue

74% People reported a decrease in Mental Fatigue after 4 sessions


88% People reported a increase in Readiness after 10 sessions

What will You Get in One Session?

Neuphony’s single session gives you a complete brain state overview—focus, calm, mood, and more—using brain wave analysis. Plus, our brain gym offers neurofeedback exercises to boost your calm and focus.

Experience Real-time Neurofeedback

Cognitive Insights Based on EEG Data

Recommendations from Experts

Here's How A Brain Gym Session Feels Like

Experience Neuphony Brain Gym In Your City

neuphony brain gyms are Available across 20+ Locations in India​

Available across 20+ Locations in India

neuphony brain gyms Available across 10+ Locations in Europe​

Available across 10+ Locations in Europe

Every Mind is Unique; So Are Our Mental Fitness Solutions.

At Neuphony, we understand everyone’s different. Our personalised approach combines mental workouts and meditation
with brain wave insights for stress relief tailored just for you, avoiding one-size-fits-all solutions.

Stressed Out, Anxious Or Overthinking

If you’re caught in a cycle of negative thoughts, overthinking, or stress, our Neuphony session is here to assist. Focusing on brain waves and incorporating meditation, our brain gym offers neurofeedback sessions tailored for stress and anxiety relief, helping you navigate and break free from these challenging mental states.

Low Focus, Attention Span & Performance

If your mind is constantly juggling thoughts, leading to distraction and overwhelm, our Neuphony session can offer relief. We focus on understanding your brain waves and utilize meditation techniques in our brain gym setting. Our specialized neurofeedback sessions are designed to alleviate stress and anxiety, helping you find focus and clarity

Self Improvement & Well-being

If you’re dedicated to self-improvement and enhancing your well-being, our session is designed to support your journey. We utilize a blend of brain wave analysis, meditation techniques, and our unique brain gym environment. Our tailored neurofeedback sessions focus on providing stress and anxiety relief, giving a significant boost to your personal growth efforts.

Cognitive Assessment for Brain Performance

If you’re keen on obtaining EEG data to understand your current brain state and are interested in neurofeedback for improvement, our session is tailored for you. We offer an immersive experience combining brain wave analysis, meditation techniques, and engaging activities in our brain gym, all aimed at providing stress and anxiety relief through effective neurofeedback sessions.

Success Stories of Individuals Who Excelled in Their Brain Training Journey

Explore how they harnessed the power of brain waves, engaged in meditation, utilized our brain gym, and benefited from neurofeedback sessions to master their cognitive abilities

Chaitrali Shah
Chaitrali ShahStudent & Meditator
Read More
I attended Neuphony's meditation bootcamp & used their product which is brain analysing device through EEG in upgraded level without wires which is great. In normal meditation we are not able to conclude that how much focused we are but with Neuphony's headband and its app where it has a feature of music sound which increase when we are focused and decrease when we are not helps a lot and that's the best feature I can say
Pooja Chhedda
Pooja ChheddaStudent & Meditator
Read More
My experience with the device has been great. I love the concept of the device, didn't think it would be so efficient to actually measure your brain activity. The device is compact, easy and comfortable. It keeps us motivated to improve ourselves by adopting new habits. Its a very cool and exciting device. Thank you for the opportunity glad to have been a part of it
Kunal Rajaram
Kunal RajaramStudent & Meditator
Read More
It was an amazing experience overall, using a headband does not affect your meditation experience it just helps your realize how you were truly involved in meditation, after a few minutes you forget about the headband it is that comfortable. Normal meditation and guided meditation with Neuphony and Level are slightly different as they help you to focus and calm your mind easily.
Trisha Behl
Trisha BehlCommunication Specialist
Read More
Brain activity was monitored during one of my meditation sessions copy. A very good initiative by team Neuphony. I have never had such an amazing experience where my brain activity was monitored during one of my meditation sessions. The device that the team is working on is a very novice idea that will help people monitor their brain waves at home with ease.
Nikita Patel
Nikita PatelFashion Influencer
Read More
To begin with, the neuphony device seems pretty cool to me. I still remember trying it on for the first time and having mutiple questions about how it’s going to feel like, kept on wondering how the device can measure my stress level, will I feel any sensations or discomfort and so on. But to my surprise it was pretty awesome. The device was not at all complicated. It felt like a head gear and was super easy to wear. The only disadvantage about the device is that after sometime it becomes too heavy on your head ad a bit pokey too.
Nick Van
Nick VanFounder, Meditator & Entrepreneur
Read More
This is incredible! This is a whole next level! What a good meditations I have heard and experienced!! So far! This is what an EEG device deserves! This opens possibility to create a next level in measurement of the EEG Because I have seen some faults during the regular meditations.
Susan Lemke
Susan Lemke15+ years Experienced Meditator
Read More
I’ve been into meditation for 15 years now and thought that I was doing a more or less good job of it. But I never really felt completely relaxed during my meditations and this got confirmed with Neuphony that mindfulness meditation is definitely the meditation that’s more suited to my brain waves.

Session Packages

Identify & Accept: Explore & Find the Problematic Areas

⭐️Most Popular⭐️

Mindscan Pro

INR 499/- (45 mins Session)

Get Cognitive Profile through a Brain Scan

Explore your current brain wave parameters to find the core issue that is preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself

For Achieving Focus & Calmness

Brain Boost

INR 499/-
(45 mins Session)

Boost focus with gamified brain training

Elevate focus with music, meditations, and gamified techniques for present-moment attention.

Peaceful Mind Journey

INR 499/-
(45 mins session)

Discover calm and reduce anxiety

Reduce stress and anxiety with calming music, meditations, and neurofeedback insights for tranquility.

For Biohackers

Mind Balance Plan

INR 699/-
(45 mins session)

Experiment using two techniques with Neuphony

Experiment with two techniques (scientifically validated) and uncover the approach works best with you.

Lift Your Spirit

INR 699/-
(45 mins session)

Deep meditation using Neuphony headset

Experience transformative brain wave changes and reduce stress, enhance focus, and find calm through deep meditation with Neuphony headset.

Modify & Rewire: Improve Your Well-being


⭐️Most Popular⭐️

For Building Habits & Self Improvement

For Brain Training & Enhancement

Still Have a Question?

How does the session Help?

Neuphony Sessions are designed by Neuroscientists to help you find the problematic area around your brain health and also help you improve it using neurofeedback based interventions.

How Many sessions should i take?

Based on user survey, we recommend taking atleast 4 sessions where you can not only find the problematic areas but also get to try different techniques which will help you ensure well-being.

How do i choose my session?

If you aren't aware about the problematic area, you can take the session "Know Thyself" to find your problematic areas and then take atleast 4 sessions.

If you know the problematic areas then start with one session and we recommend taking atleast 4 sessions to see some significant changes.

How do i book a session?

Visit and select the location, plan & make the payment. Once you're done, you'll receieve a confirmation email with all the details (whom to contact, where to navigate etc.)

If you face any difficulties, feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp at +91-9810206094 or

My city is not listed, what should i do?

We're expanding the network of our brain gyms daily. In case, you dont see your city in the list, feel free to let us know and join our newsletter. We'll keep you informed with the launch in your city etc.

Are there any side effects of using this headband?

No, there are no side effects of using the headband and the session. The headband just helps you monitor your brain waves data just like a smartwatch.

neuphony brain gyms are Available across 20+ Locations in India​

Packages & Pricing

Modify & Rewire: Improve Your Well-being

(Multiple Session Packages Starts @ INR 2499/- Only)

⭐️Most Popular⭐️

For Building Habits & Self Improvement

For Brain Training & Enhancement