Corporate workshop

Not Just Another Wellness Workshop, We bring Data-Backed Solutions

Unlike other wellness programs, we understand every individual is different and
requires custom solutions that work for them with data backed approach

Understading Value of Brain Training

Helps Find & Improve Zones of the Groups

  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 are optimal zones, where people are working with high focus under desired surroundings.
  • Zone 3 implies a high stress zone, while its okay to have it temporarily, if the same people are in zone 3 after 1 month its not a good sign.

Increases Productivity & Confidence

Happier employees are 20% more productive. The Workshop helps individuals identify their brain states & improve it with sessions.

Delivers Great ROI with Ensuring Well-being

For every dollar spent in Employees mental wellbeing, companies have seen a 4x return on investment.

Wondering, How Do We Do It Differently?

We don’t just talk & deliver random recommendations unlike traditional wellness programs. Here’s how we do it in a step-by-step manner

Step 1: Orientation & Onboarding

The workshop starts with an orientation and warm up session where we create groups and perform group meditation & stretching sessions.

Step 2: One-on-One Session

In this step, we conduct one on one session with the participants using Neuphony Headband & Desktop Application.

Step 3: Customised Reports ​

After the session, our experts then shares the insights from the session and based on your insights they give recommendations to the participants.

Step 4: Overall Report Dasboard​

Post the sessions, we share an overall report dashboard to help you analyze performance and well-being based on groups.

One Stop Solution for All

Wellness Workshops by neuphony

For Employees & Corporates

Neuphony conducts data-backed brain training workshops at corporate organizations for esnuring employee well-being at workplace.

neuphony For Health & Wellness Coaches and Professionals

For Coaches and Professionals

Health and wellness practictioners back their training & practice, helps athletes & individuals peak their performance using brain waves data.

neuphony For Institutions & Universities​

For Institutions & Universities

Neuphony conducts workshops at institutes and universities to help students understand importance of brain health & how to improve it.

Glimpses from the Neuphony Workshops

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