How Neuphony was Born? - The Story

Ria (Co Founder and CEO) lost her older sister in 2016, because of a rare brain infection, she was heartbroken and realized that medical science in India is still lagging behind when it comes to one of the most vital parts of our body – the brain. 

It was then that she embarked on this mission and fought relentlessly to set up her own company along with her husband Bhavya Madan.  She studied Integrated Circuit Design in Singapore and Germany and her counterpart, Bhavya Madan has studied Embedded Systems in Germany and used his knowledge of neuroscience and embedded systems to join the dots between neurofeedback and meditation.


Watch Our Story On Shark Tank India Season 2

The Story behind building Neuphony was also featured in Shark Tank India Season 2 (A Sony Entertainment Television Presentation).

The Mission & Vision Behind Neuphony

Neuphony was founded by Bhavya Madan(CTO) and Ria Rustagi (CEO) in 2020, with a mission to revolutionize the field of brain health through neurofeedback and BCI technology.

Our Goal is based on the same Belief. We aim to create awareness about brain health among the people with Neuphony (Brain Wearable EEG Device), in order to remove the stigmas revolving around it and inculcate a better tomorrow. We Also provide a platform to all researchers and developers to create brain computer interface applications. 

Connect with the Neuphony Founders

Ria Rustagi, Co-founder & CEO

Ria Rustagi is the CEO and the powerhouse of Neuphony. She pursued MSc. in Integrated Circuit Design from Singapore and Germany. With her entrepreneurship skills and larger-than-life ideology to bring a change in the society, she stands tall as a strong pillar and backbone of the company. She is also an alumni of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida.

Bhavya Madan, Co-founder & CTO

The brain behind Neuphony, the one who has kept our team well-knitted from the back of the stage, our co-founder Bhavya Madan, with his knowledge in neuroscience and embedded systems has joined the dots between neurofeedback and meditation. He dropped out of his Msc. in Embedded Systems from Germany while building Neuphony in parallel. He is also an alumni of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida.

Our Brand Ambassador

Shayamal Vallabhjee

Shayamal is a South African-born Sports Scientist, a Bio-Hacker & a Performance Coach to elite athletes and business leaders. He believes in optimising Human Performance through evidence-based sports science, modern psychology & spirituality. 

We together with Shayamal, wish to make Neuphony reach household to help people monitor and improve mental wellbeing & achieve peak performance by biohacking their minds.

Our Team

Embedded Engineers

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Neuroscientist & Wellness Experts

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