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Bridging Science and Reality: Neuphony’s EEG Devices Illuminate Invaluable Real-World Discoveries

neuphony for Neuroscience & BCI Researches

For Neuroscience Professionals & BCI Researchers

Neuphony is reshaping the landscape of possibilities in brain research with access to Accurate & real time EEG Data to unlock insights from human brain and develop applications and softwares.

Wellness Workshops by neuphony

For Health and Wellness Professionals

Neuphony has enabled health &. wellness professionals with a data-backed approach to conducting workshops, partnering for Neuphony Brain Gyms & a lot more.

Wellness Workshops by neuphony

For institutes & Universities

Make Neuroscience interesting for students with Cognitive Workshops, Brain Gyms & helping them develop new innovations using Brain Computer Interface.

Neuphony is Not Just a Product, It's An Ecosystem For Everyone

Cutting Edge EEG Headsets by neuphony

Cutting Edge Hardware Options to Choose From

Software Application with EEG Data & Access to Lab Streaming Layer

Training & Dedicated Support
to Ensure Best Experience

Driving Brain Data Innovation with Our Partner Ecosystem

Institutes & Researchers

Premiere institutes and researchers as mentioned are using Neuphony to conduct their researchers in various aspects. Some of them include:

  • Conducted a cognitive workshop with Hindu College, Delhi to see impact of meditation on Brain
  • Launched India’s First Brain-Computer Interface Labs at JIIT, Noida & Sharda University.
  • Conducting neuroscience researches in collaboration with IIT Mandi & NIMHANS

Health & Wellness Professionals

We work with leading health & wellness professionals to add data backed approach in their practices etc. Some of them are as follows: 

  • We conducted a wellness Retreat in partnership with Greta Grace & Andrea Tap in Puglia, Italy
  • We worked with ‘Power by Chandra’ – a leading Therapist based out of Gurugram, India to open a brain gym with us.
  • Manan Sharma – Sound Healing expert from Delhi uses Neuphony for meditation and his sound healing practices.

Corporates & Organisations

Neuphony has proven to provide value to the esteemed organisations to ensure wellbeing of their human resources:

  • Conducted cognitive wellness workshops at Wobot.ai, Ellixir, Level Supermind & many more.
  • Launched a Brain Gym at EDGE by VOIS office in Pune, India.

Athletes and Performance Coaches

We’ve partnered with performance coaches & experts to enhance performance of athletes as well. Some of them include:

  • Shayamal Vallabhjee, Esteemed Sports Psychologist & Performance Coach is using Neuphony for his meditation practice and training the minds of athletes
  • Mon Brokman – Founder, International Partner, and Board Member at Behavioural Foresight is using Neuphony for enhancing human performance.
bci lab by neuphony

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