Neuphony Flex Cap - 8 Channel Wireless EEG Head Cap System

EEG cap with the best signal quality and dry flexible electrodes.

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“Neuphony provides Real-time High Quality EEG data which is a must for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) & offered continuous dedicated support  to achieve our goal.”
– Dr. Priyanka Jain (C-DAC, Delhi) ✅

Neuphony Flex Cap - 8 Channel Wireless EEG Head Cap System

EEG cap with the best signal quality and dry flexible electrodes.

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Key Features of Neuphony Flex Cap

Experience the pinnacle of EEG technology with our EEG cap, featuring exceptional signal quality and dry, flexible electrodes. This advanced device integrates seamlessly with EEG brain scan systems, providing accurate EEG monitoring for neurofeedback training. It’s a state-of-the-art biofeedback device that offers a step into the realm of mind control, enabling users to train and understand their brain’s activities with unparalleled precision.

8 Channel EEG

Movable Electrodes for Flexible Positioning

Dry EEG Electrodes to Avoid Hassle of Using Gel or Saline

Rechargable Battery with upto 8hrs Battery Life​

Wireless Connectivity with Windows & MacOS​

Variable Cap Sizes for Easy Fitment on All Head Sizes ​

How to Use Neuphony Flex Cap with Neuphony Desktop Application

Our Flex Cap offers precise EEG brain scans and effective EEG monitoring. Paired with our desktop application, it facilitates neurofeedback training, acting as a sophisticated biofeedback device. This combination not only aids in understanding your brain’s activity but also in exercising a form of mind control through targeted neurofeedback exercises.

Neuphony Desktop Application

The Neuphony Desktop Application is a comprehensive tool for researchers and experts aiming to track real-time EEG data and brain waves with precision. This advanced platform, compatible with our EEG headsets, facilitates detailed EEG brain scans and effective EEG monitoring. It serves as a biofeedback device, allowing for the generation of customized reports and more, making it ideal for neurofeedback training and applications akin to mind control devices in their ability to harness and interpret brain activity

Technical Specification of Neuphony Flex Cap

Sensor Count 8 (+2 references)Frequency Response 1 – 45 Hz
Resolution 24 bits per channelLSB Resolution 22.35 nVolts (24 bits mode)
Dynamic Range 375 mV (pp)Sensor TechnologyDry sensors: polycarbonate conductive passive   electrodes with Ag/AgCl coating
Motion Sensor 3x accelerometerConnectivity
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.2
  • USB Type-C (with Extender)
Battery Life Up to 8 hoursReferences CMS/DRL references at M1/M2
Sample Rate 250 SPS

Develop with Neuphony

Interested in Developing an App with Real-time EEG Data using Neuphony? Explore different ways like using Lab Streaming Layer with us & develop your own custom applicationsa

Connect with Fellow Researchers & Experts

Dr. Priyanka Jain
Dr. Priyanka JainAssociate Director, CDAC
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Brain Computer Interface (BCI) demands quality data for real-time processing. We are embarking on this important project considering Neuphony as an EEG data acquisition device. The provision of raw data, comfortable light-weight and sleek design of the hardware are the additional benefits it. We have received continuous dedicated support from enthusiastic team helping us to achieve our goal. Many more opportunities on the way.. Keep at it ...with the same zeal...Wish you all the very best for a bright future...
Dr. Mahesh Jayachandra
Dr. Mahesh JayachandraBio-design Innovator Indian Institute of Science
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Impressed by this EEG headband, I bought it and put it through its paces at my DBT-funded, Cognitive Neurophysiology lab at St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore (pic). Though main focus of Neuphony team was on Brain Wellness, they were also open to modify it for clinical use and collaborating with researchers and Neuro start-ups. They were also extra-ordinarily generous with their resources (human and SDK). Even we have received ethical approval to conduct a pilot project to monitor neurophysiological indices in Stroke. I wish them all the very best in their future endeavors! And I also encourage other Cognitive Neuroscientists and Neuro-physicians to check them out.
Government College Of Yoga, Education & Health
Government College Of Yoga, Education & HealthChandigarh
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We used Neuphony, to conduct research on 40 meditation group and 20 control group subjects, to see the impact of meditation on brain. We have been preaching about the importance of yoga to our students, but by applying neuroscience and technology, we are on a whole new level. Neuphony helped us in achieving that. Tracking EEG while performing research makes it fun, resourceful, and factual.
Sonia Dosanjh
Sonia DosanjhC-DAC Mohali
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Let me take this opportunity to extend my warmest congratulations on your groundbreaking EEG-based Intelligent Headband. Your product has truly impressed and we excited about the future of wearable technology. I had the opportunity to explore the features and capabilities of your innovative headband, and I must say, it is a marvel of engineering and design.
Hitesh Pradhan
Hitesh PradhanResearch Assistant | Centre for Brain Research, IISc
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The RAW EEG data was excellent which we could access and process.

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