Neuphony Headband transparent image


A wearable EEG headband that measures brain activity in real-time. Packed with eight non-intrusive sensors, it maps every important part of the brain. You can activate it with a push of a button and start tracking your brain activity.

EEG Flex Cap​

Neuphony Flex Cap captures brain data through 8 EEG channels from the brain. With the best signal quality and flexible electrodes, it is being called as one of the best cap for researchers Made in India.

The device has 8 sensors distributed in the brain’s parietal, frontal & temporal lobes with the flexibility to move the sensors based on the requirements of the research. These are dry sensors and do not require any gel or saline solution.

Desktop Application

Neuphony measures your brain activity by activating the brain-activity detecting sensors in the headset. You can watch your brainwaves by putting the Neuphony headset on

Mobile App

An all-inclusive platform to monitor & engage with brain-activity. Generate reports of your focus score, performance analysis, and more, and compare your results tracking progress weekly.