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“80% of the Indian workforce reported mental health issues in 2021”, reports a survey by Deloitte. 

The emergence of Covid-19 added to the worrying cause of concern about mental health in corporate India.

A recent Deloitte survey on mental health showed that four out of every five corporate workers had experienced mental health concerns in the previous year. According to the poll, 33% of all respondents kept their jobs despite having bad mental health, 29% took time off, and 20% quit to manage their mental health better.

Caution!! Is Your Mental health at Risk Due to Work?

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According to recently reported symptoms:- 

  • 59% admitted to depression-related symptoms such as feelings of sadness, loss of interest in enjoyable activities, tiredness, difficulty in concentrating, and poor decision-making, 
  • 50% also reported difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.
  • 55% reported being emotionally exhausted or “burnt out”.
  • 49% reported Mental and physical manifestations of anxiety, such as sweating, rapid heartbeat, shaking or trembling, upset stomach, dizziness, or fainting.

Measures for Workplace Well-being

Companies are becoming proactive in taking action for employee well-being

Successful methods for improving the mental well-being of the employees:-

  1. Mindfulness – Increased mindfulness among employees has been found to lessen stress while boosting focus and self-assurance, according to Google and Intel.

(Yoga and Meditation are popular practices for enhancing mindfulness. Employee creativity increases when 7–8 minutes are set aside for mindfulness.)


2. Brain Training – Brain training, also referred to as cognitive training, is similar to brain exercise. It enhances the brain’s neuroplasticity, improving one’s capacity for problem-solving.

(Brain training increases cognitive skills like logic, reasoning, and concentration lowers stress levels, boosts self-confidence, and lengthens attention span.)

Neuphony - Your Mindfulness Device

Neuphony provides a way out by giving feedback about your brain activity. It helps you understand what exactly is going on, in your brain

With Neurofeedback therapy, our goal is to improve a person’s behavior by monitoring their brain waves. We take real-time data through EEGs and optimize for desired behavior like calmness, reduced anxiety, etc.

We’ve built a platform for people to take charge of their brain health. Brain health is not discussed much, but that doesn’t mean it is not critical or won’t harm your overall long-term if you don’t pay attention. Our goal is to spread awareness about brain health and eventually make it health affordable & accessible across India.

How Brain Data Comes as a Game Changer

  • It gives Mental health Validation with PDR (brain’s performance review) 
  • Shows Focus score by Attention Span analysis to reduce presenteeism understanding productivity loss
  • Gives Mood Analysis (Report of employees’ emotions & how exactly they are feeling)
  • Gives Brain activity analysis (Shift in brainwaves after Meditation)

Brain Training at Work

Neuphony Pilot Study for Corporates

The goal of the pilot study is to teach the user about strategies to combat mental health problems and collect their brain data so we can give personalized solutions later on.

Mental Health Seminar 

In these sessions, we teach the participants how to identify symptoms of poor health. They get tips on managing anxiety, quelling stress, and increasing focus and motivation.

Personality Quiz

These quizzes help understand the person’s motivations, interests kits, and style of dealing with scenarios in life.

Data Collection

Thanks to Neuphony Headband, we collect the participants’ brain data about stress and a person’s focus along with different metrics.

Individual Reports 

A couple of days later, the participants received custom reports based on the data we collected during our pilot study.

Value Creation for Corporates with Data (Analyzing the Results)

We make sense of the data we gathered from the pilot study and give custom solutions to improve the participants’ mental health. As complex as it may sound, it’s the most affordable on the market!

Reports for Individuals

We find out the zone (super chill, comfort, optimal, strained or overwhelmed) an individual uses brain data experience as excess stress that can hamper their productivity. This is used to provide solutions, for example, if a day break is okay or if you need professional help i.e. a psychotherapist. 

Individual mental health data would be safely secured with the company’s mental health professionals. 

We suggest customized Meditation and anxiety-reducing techniques that help employees regain focus and improve their quality of life.

Employee assesment scores
Reports for Management

With data, we can find the work culture in each team, which can help management take necessary actions and maintain a high happiness and retention score for employees. 

Due to varying responsibilities and external factors, some teams may be more stressed than others. If a team’s performance is disturbed by excess stress, we craft customized strategies to resolve it. 

Case Study – A One-day Workshop

One-day workshop collecting brain data from a small team of ten trifurcating into – 

  • the relaxation bar, 
  • the stress score,
  •  the focus score. 

The data was collated and poured into a graph based on Yerkes-Dodson law mapping out five zones.

Based on the relaxation score & focus score, we extracted the exact zone individuals were in, indicative of their current performance and forming the basis of data-based decisions to improve upon it.

Our results gave insights on average relaxation and focus scores, which were seen to go up for all individuals by consistently practicing the recommendations. Team members also reported in a survey that they were happier and calmer, even more, open to taking on challenges, and came to offices with a proactive attitude!


Capital loss

With the ever-growing ramification of employees’ mental health, let’s take a step towards their well-being.

If you are a corporate or a mental health service provider to Companies and want to help improve your employees’ mental health, as well as increase the ROI of your company, then partner with us. Together, we can change the outlook of mental health in the corporate industry.

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