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Measure your brain waves using EEG sensors and get real time auditory feedback.


We have the ability to structurally change our brain network through regular practice irrespective of age.


Rewire your brain to gain attention and awareness using different meditation techniques.


There are few things that stimulate the brain the way music does

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How Neuphony Helps

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sleep better

Get Quality Sleep

Quality of Sleep determines how you feel and perform every day, and sleep deprivation can make certain regions of brain take mini naps causing mental lapses and cognitive problems.

Improve Focus

Getting distracted is easy for our mind, all it takes is one stray thought. Distractions eat up so much of our time and mental resources that either we are left feeling overwhelmed or incompetent.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

We are evolved in a way that we are susceptible to self-induced stress. If our brain thinks of a past traumatic experience our body experiences the event as if it is happening right now, and anxiety is our body’s response to stress.

Develope Gratitude

Feeling gratitude is one of the most important trait of Emotional Intelligence and also towards building a better community. By showing Gratitude you not only improve your leadership skills, but you also help build an empathetic and Resilient community.

Achieving Internal Peace

With constant bombardment of information and being in a state of over arousal deprives our brain the time to consolidate and enhance our understanding. Being thoughtless is a gift for your mind.

Self Development

Our habits are nothing but our autonomous nervous system taking control over our mind. We all have, at some point, made a conscious decision to make a change. Ever wondered why is it so hard ?

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Train Your Brain

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We are living in a digital age and in many ways, this is a double-edged sword., where things are getting smarter and freeing us to be more, to do more, but are we?

Most of the tech today is designed to capture one thing our attention. Neuphony helps you get that control back, you decide what to spend your time on. We use meditation and neuroscience to help you identify the split second, where you decide either to go to gym or order-in and watch a re-run of your favourite show. Using our headset which captures the electrical activity and our mobile app which translates it and recommends you different meditative exercises tailored for you.

With Neuphony Change the reactive approach towards mental health and start building resilience by being more proactive.

Train Your Brain With Neurofeedback
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Our Team

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Ria Rustagi
MSc. Integrated circuit Design
Bhavya madan
MSc. Integrated circuit Design

Neuroscience Advisory Board

Dr. Sushil Chandra
Dr. Jeff Tarrant
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Trisha Bahl


Communications Specialist
Brain activity was monitored during one of my meditation sessions copy

A very good initiative by team Neuphony. I have never had such an amazing experience where my brain activity was monitored during one of my meditation sessions. The device that the team is working on is a very novice idea that will help people monitor their brain waves at home with ease.

Miguel leonne

Miguel Leonne

Qiqong Meditation Instructor
Able to stay in a very focused alpha brainwave state for over 75 % of my session.

After over 10 years of meditation practice, it was a real surprise to see the results of the EEG Neuphony measurements. I could see I am able to stay in a very focused alpha brainwave state for over 75 % of my meditation. It encourages me to discover more effective ways to enter the states of intuition.

Kunal Joseph

Kunal Joseph

Yoga and meditation Instructor
It builds awareness and interest in the inner working of our mind.

We are living in an age of instant feedback. The idea and team behind Neuphony are on the path, to help build awareness and interest in the inner working of our mind. A beginner or an experienced meditator, Neuphony will show you how to fine-tune your technique and find what method of meditation works best for you.

Susan Lemke

Susan Lemke

Never really felt completely relaxed, until i tried Neuphony!

I’ve been into meditation for 15 years now and thought that I was doing a more or less good job of it. But I never really felt completely relaxed during my meditations and this got confirmed with Neuphony that mindfulness meditation is definitely the meditation that’s more suited to my brain waves.

Tobias Goeppel

Tobias Goeppel

Design thinking and Agile coach
Received incredible data insights about my brain activity

If you can master your mind, you are able to master your actions, your thoughts and your emotions! With the help of neuphony, I received incredible data insights about my brain activity and how I am able to train it with different techniques. It helped me with my personal and business challenges as well as in my sportive challenges in the ultra-endurance area.

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Our Partners

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Quantum Brain
Quantum Brain

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