Train Your Brain to Optimize Performance and Attain Inner Peace

Neuphony uses EEG based Neurofeedback to monitor your brain waves and based on sensor data recommends the right meditations to improve your focus and reduce your stress levels.

Your Attention Span is Shorter Than that of gold Fish!
Neurofeedback is a proven technique to improve concentration, attention span and overcome distractions.
Has Daily Stress Started Impacting Your Performance?
Stress affects your memory, mood and other brain functions.
Mood - A brain function, not a heart function!
Understanding your mood can help you better manage your lifestyle choices and improve the quality of life.
One size does not fit all!
Build a proactive approach towards mental health and monitor your PDR (Posterior Dominant Rhythm) to detect early signs of health problems.

Calm, Focus & Unplug

3. Choose from a list of guided meditations, music or breathing techniques

1. Adjust the device on your Head 

2. Connect your device with your mobile app

meditation with neuphony

4.  Analyse your focus, mood and stress levels on the mobile app

5. Repeat it daily to improve your brain health

Get Your Calm On

Stay calm amidst the storm and keep the stress at bay

Improve Your Focus

Block out the daily distractions and improve your performance

Uplift Your Mood

Untangle your emotions by understanding them better

Be Proactive

Tune into the optimal frequency of your brain by daily monitoring

Cognitive measures and app features explained

EEG platform for Research and BCI Applications

Neuphony Desktop Application

Using Neuphony desktop application users can monitor their EEG, Bandpowers, FFT, and Insights real time!

A popular tool amongst researchers, coaches and business to provide custom solutions and service to individuals.

Popular features – Download and print EEG and download report

Experience Neuphony at a Brain Gym in Your City

Book a session with us to monitor your stress, focus, and mood levels using Neuphony. Get personalised recommendations to find the brain training exercises which help you acheive your goal and also get a report from experts! 

Experience the power of Neurofeedback at home!​

neuphony headband

*Also Available On EMI

Also Available On EMI

Backed by Researchers and Individuals

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I attended Neuphony's meditation bootcamp & used their product which is brain analysing device through EEG in upgraded level without wires which is great. In normal meditation we are not able to conclude that how much focused we are but with Neuphony's headband and its app where it has a feature of music sound which increase when we are focused and decrease when we are not helps a lot and that's the best feature I can say
Priyanka Jain
Priyanka JainAssociate Director, CDAC
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Brain Computer Interface (BCI) demands quality data for real-time processing. We are embarking on this important project considering Neuphony as an EEG data acquisition device. The provision of raw data, comfortable light-weight and sleek design of the hardware are the additional benefits it. We have received continuous dedicated support from enthusiastic team helping us to achieve our goal. Many more opportunities on the way.. Keep at it ...with the same zeal...Wish you all the very best for a bright future...
Kunal Rajaram
Kunal Rajaram@kunalbhandare14
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It was an amazing experience overall, using a headband does not affect your meditation experience it just helps your realize how you were truly involved in meditation, after a few minutes you forget about the headband it is that comfortable. Normal meditation and guided meditation with Neuphony and Level are slightly different as they help you to focus and calm your mind easily
Susan Lemke
Susan LemkeMeditator
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I’ve been into meditation for 15 years now and thought that I was doing a more or less good job of it. But I never really felt completely relaxed during my meditations and this got confirmed with Neuphony that mindfulness meditation is definitely the meditation that’s more suited to my brain waves.
Pooja Chheda
Pooja Chheda@pooja.chheda9
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My experience with the device has been great. I love the concept of the device, didn't think it would be so efficient to actually measure your brain activity.
The device is compact, easy and comfortable. It keeps us motivated to improve ourselves by adopting new habits. Its a very cool and exciting device. Thank you for the opportunity glad to have been a part of it.
Kunal Joseph
Kunal JosephYoga and Meditation Instructor
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It builds awareness and interest in the inner working of our mind.
We are living in an age of instant feedback. The idea and team behind Neuphony are on the path, to help build awareness and interest in the inner working of our mind. A beginner or an experienced meditator, Neuphony will show you how to fine-tune your technique and find what method of meditation works best for you.
Trisha Bahl
Trisha BahlCommunication Specialist
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Brain activity was monitored during one of my meditation sessions copy.
A very good initiative by team Neuphony. I have never had such an amazing experience where my brain activity was monitored during one of my meditation sessions. The device that the team is working on is a very novice idea that will help people monitor their brain waves at home with ease.
Miguel Leonne
Miguel LeonneQiqong Meditation Instructor
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After over 10 years of meditation practice, it was a real surprise to see the results of the EEG Neuphony measurements. I could see I am able to stay in a very focused alpha brainwave state for over 75 % of my meditation. It encourages me to discover more effective ways to enter the states of intuition.
Nikita Patel
Nikita Patel@Stylelikeniki
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To begin with, the neuphony device seems pretty cool to me. I still remember trying it on for the first time and having mutiple questions about how it’s going to feel like, kept on wondering how the device can measure my stress level, will I feel any sensations or discomfort and so on. But to my surprise it was pretty awesome. The device was not at all complicated. It felt like a head gear and was super easy to wear. The only disadvantage about the device is that after sometime it becomes too heavy on your head and a bit pokey too.

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Captain Cool

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