Mental Plateu

Just like a writer faces “writer’s block,” or any artist faces the “creative bloc,” our brain is an artist too, which might face a block. This inability to think or reason clearly can result in a lack of drive and can lead to diminished productivity levels and self-discontentment if not held accountable. 

Ever felt stuck in life mentally? Well, you are not alone in this! If you feel stuck professionally or personally, detached and zoned out, you are going through a mental plateau

At some point in life, most people hit a phase where they face such a situation due to an overwhelming block. This might further affect their mental state and the journey of self-development. 

It’s time to break the loop and get out of it. 

Seldom is the case when we come out openly and discuss the mental plateau. Let’s uncover it in detail and how to break through it.

How To Know When You Hit a Plateau ?


The feeling of being lost or blocked in the thought process is a mental block. 

This might originate from several sources. Your mind might become trained to wander while working by engaging in everyday “busy labor.” It might result from a lack of sleep. It may result from eating poorly. It could result from a communication gap.

What you want to do next may be hindered by mental plateaus. You might wonder what is wrong with you, leading to self-doubt. While all this while, nothing was wrong, just that you were mentally exhausted.

You don’t have to push yourself in such a situation. Your body and brain are asking out for help. It needs rest

Most work workers who experience mental blocks are those in the marketing, creative, and professional services sectors. Creative employees can overcome obstacles and sustain high engagement, engagement, and morale in a positive work environment.

You can spot mental blockages by observing your repeating ideas and behavior patterns. Pay attention to those that undermine your self-assurance and distract you from the task.

Accept it - It's Okay to take a break.


Your brain deserves a break. And it’s okay to take one.

It’s not a sign of laziness to take a break. You’re looking after yourself to have the energy to perform at your peak. You can schedule some time away to help you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated by becoming aware of the symptoms that you need a break.

The problem is people seldom accept that they are facing a problem and need to talk it out or need a break. 

Understanding constraining thought patterns is crucial for creative people to get beyond mental obstacles and work more efficiently and imaginatively. Mental barriers can lead to missed deadlines, subpar performance, and missed opportunities if they are not addressed.

The piled-up overwhelming thoughts then further lead to stress, anxiety, hypertension, sleep deprivedness, and other issues that lead to a decline in performance levels.

We first need to accept that feeling stuck mentally is completely okay. Give your brain the rest it deserves instead of running over the culture of over-hustling to achieve success faster.

Be Accountable For Your Growth and Self-improvement

When we face a breakdown or a low phase in life, we don’t consider it as important as we give to our body. And that’s only because we go to regular health checkups and keep track of our health. But if I tell you to visit a therapist to track your cognitive performance, most people would avoid talking about it because mental health is a sensitive issue and people still have a stigma associated with it. 

It’s not just “in your head,” like most people tell you. You don’t have to look at the bright side of things to suppress your surface problems. 

It’s like telling a person with a fracture to run!

You can only change it when you are aware of its existence. And for that, you need to be held accountable for your mental health!

To overcome the plateau, you must break through your current state of mind. Change is the only constant in life, and for growth, we have to unlearn some old beliefs and learn new things constantly. This is the perfect way to break the loop of what you are going through

Track your mental progress through biohacking

Several techniques increase your focus and performance if you experience a mental block at work. Using biohacking and neurofeedback to train your brain can be great for tracking your daily brain performance and improving it. With Neuphony’s gamified meditations, you can improve your focus and relaxation scores, which thereby helps you track your regular performance and work on the region that needs your attention. 

Being accountable for the performance, progress and tracking can help break through the mental plateau.  

1) Taking a break to increase relaxation scores

This is your greatest option if you’ve tried and failed to get past a mental obstacle. Try engaging in unrelated tasks like doing the dishes, talking to a friend, or completing a crossword puzzle. Take breaks to clear your thoughts and put things together, which would help you improve your relaxation. You might even nap to help your subconscious get beyond the obstacle. Track your daily relaxation scores with Neuphony’s meditation. 

2)Decluttering the workspace:

to avoid distractions – Your workspace’s organization can influence how you think and perform at work. Your thoughts could be congested if your workspace is cluttered. These can cause distractions in your workflow and can disrupt it. An ordered desk makes it easier to locate and access your equipment and makes you more mindful

3)Breaking down tasks to reduce stress scores

Dividing tasks into smaller jobs and activities is one of the finest methods to get past a mental block at work. If the scope of the project or the amount of work still to be done has you feeling overwhelmed, start by doing the smallest things first. Creating a task planner (to-do list) can be very helpful in prioritizing the more important things that need your attention more and lowering your stress levels. With Neuphony, you can track your stress score and take charge of your brain.

4)Calming down the inner chatter to increase focus scores

The cognitions that hinder your progress will become apparent if you pay attention to your inner voice. You can combat these mental patterns if you are aware of them. Exercise, meditation, and brain dump writing are excellent strategies to train your attention and quiet your mind. Doing this will help you focus better for a larger attention span. Track your focus scores regularly with Neuphony to know which activity makes you the most focused


The finest methods for overcoming mental obstacles are good habits and self-awareness. Regularly monitoring your habits and cognitions can be helpful if used wisely. It also helps us in measuring progress. And all these abilities make you dependable at work.

Measure your success as you proceed on the path to personal development. This allows you to modify your methods, make new plans, learn from previous errors, and improve your personal growth. Never underestimate the importance of personal development. The more we care for ourselves, the more effectively we can care for our work performance.

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