Install Neuphony App to track & improve your brain activity

Get Personalised Insights

Generate reports of your focus score, stress score, mood & PDR
Compare your results tracking progress weekly.

Stress - Relaxation Graph

You can get stress relaxation score on the app. Get to know how much relaxed you were during the session on your app.

Focus - Distraction Graph

Get to know how much focused you were during the session while wearing Neuphony headset on your app. 

  • Determining your Bad days & low phases
  • Mood Analysis (Report of your emotions & how exactly you’re feeling)
  • PDR (Your brain’s performance review) 
  • Brain activity analysis (Shift in brainwaves after Meditation)
  • Attention Span analysis (Your focus score)
  • Real-time feedback (Reports of your meditation performance)
Brain mapping

Measure Your Brain Activity

Neuphony measures your brain activity by activating the brain-activity detecting sensors in the headset. You can watch your brainwaves by putting the Neuphony headset on.

Find Your Own Meditation

Train your brain using scientifically approved meditation sessions. The app, based on your results, recommends techniques to help achieve the desired goal.

 Guided Meditations
Experts like Dr. Jeff handhold you through the entire session re-building your performance patterns.

Musical Meditations
Meditate to music curated for your meditation style boosting your brain performance flow.

Silent Meditations
Meditate in complete silence knocking your brain performance to alpha levels.