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Experience Neurofeedback with India’s First Brain Wearable in Delhi-NCR!

Neurofeedback at home with neuphony

How this session will help you?

If you’re someone who overthinks a lot, gets anxious very often or goes through continuous stress then Neuphony, India’s First Wearable EEG Headband, is here to help you overcome all these challenges and be a better version of yourself.

With this session, you’ll get access to:

  • PDR (Your brain’s performance review)
  • Brain activity analysis (Shift in brainwaves after Meditation)
  • Attention Span analysis (Your focus score)
  • Real-time feedback (Reports of your meditation performance)


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Insights and Reports

Generate reports of your focus score, performance analysis, and more.

Neuphony Pod

Neuphony Pod Packages

If you want to bio-hack your mind and train it for better performance Or you want to book multiple sessions then you can opt for our packages listed below and constantly monitor, analyze and get insights after every session. 


Personality and Brain Assessment
400 per session
  • Personality assessment
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Neuphony?

Neuphony captures real-time EEG data from the brain and makes use of Neurofeedback which further is used to track and improve brain health.

How can I book a Neuphony Pod session?

Here are the steps to book a Neuphony Pod session:

  • Find an available time slot
  • Add your details
  • Book an appointment
  • Make the payment 

You can also opt among our packages where you can book multiple sessions and bio-hack your brain.

Are there any special requirements for the session?

No, all that you have to do is book an appointment and visit our Pod. Please arrive 15 mins in advance to avoid any hassle.

How do I book multiple sessions?

If you want to book multiple sessions, you can opt for our packages where you can get the same at a discounted price. Here are the steps:

  • Choose the package you want
  • Click on "Pay & Book"
  • Make the payment as per your package amount.
  • Click on the calendar and book your respective no. of slots.
  • Visit our Pod to take your session at the scheduled date & time