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Neuphony Pod Packages

If you want to bio-hack your mind and train it for better performance Or you want to book multiple sessions then you can opt for our packages listed below and constantly monitor, analyze and get insights after every session. 


Personality and Brain Assessment
400 per session
  • Session duration will be 45 min.
  • Introduction To Neurofeedback & trying it with Neuphony headband.
  • Real time feedback on stress, focus scores , PDR & mood & ways to train your brain to improve them.
  • Report on insights and analysis based on the data .


Personality and Brain Assessment
1299 4 sessions in 4 weeks
  • Each session will be of 45 minutes.
  • Set of tested activities to give brief insights on cognitive performance.
  • Detailed Analysis with real time brain data on parameters like performance under stress, ability to focus
  • Introduction to Neurofeedback and guidance to practice it with Neuphony.
  • Report on recorded insights after 4 weeks and recommendation to improve your performance


Personality and Brain Assessment
2799 8 session in 8 weeks
  • Each session will be of 45 minutes.
  • Analysis of the cognitions mentioned in previous package along with the regular insights on the improvement journey for 8 weeks.
  • A session with neuroscientist
  • Experience real time mood, stress and focus score change.
  • A 5 page report about behaviour, stress and performance.

4 Session Journey With Neuphony To Become


Neurofeedback at home with neuphony

How this session will help you?

If you’re someone who overthinks a lot, gets anxious very often or goes through continuous stress then Neuphony, India’s First Wearable EEG Headband, is here to help you overcome all these challenges and be a better version of yourself.

With this session, you’ll get access to:

  • PDR (Your brain’s performance review)
  • Brain activity analysis (Shift in brainwaves after Meditation)
  • Attention Span analysis (Your focus score)
  • Real-time feedback (Reports of your meditation performance)

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Neuphony X Level

Neuphony partnered with Level to conduct a 6 week bootcamp where we asked people to come and meditate wearing Neuphony on Level’s meditation music and record their journey of meditation for self-improvement.

We are overwhelmed with the amazing reviews by the people who are part of the this bootcamp. 

Neuphony Pods are now In

Mumbai (Thane)

Mumbai (Lower Parel)

Navi Mumbai


Launching Soon....


Launching Soon....

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Session - 1

Get To Know Your Brain

-This session aims to give you a deeper insight on your stress scores and how it affects your performance
-Session Involves recording the data with Neuphony while performing set of activities meant to analyze and give insights on the resilience to handle stress and ability to perform while given stressors.
-Based on insights, we provide recommendations for improvement.
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Session - 2

Find Right Fit For You

-This session aims to analyse how well you handle failures or stress from past & its affect on what you do now.
-It involves performing tasks designed by neuroscientist while wearing Neuphony.
-Analysis and interpretation of graphs to give you insights and recommendation to improve.
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Session - 3

Build Meditation Habit

This sessions gives you insights on how external distraction affect can affect your output and based on the results from the analyses what works best for you to deal with those distractions and perform well.
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Session - 4

Quantify Your Growth

-This sessions introduces you to neurofeedback as a practice to improve your cognition scores and train your brain.
-Real time modulation in volume of the music during a session based on your stress or focus levels.
- Learn how to train your brain to control the volume of the music by focusing on the music or relaxing.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Neuphony ? And how it works?

Neuphony is India's first and only brain wearable headband which makes use of EEG data of your brain and Neurofeedback to help you reduce stress, anxiety and helps you improve focus, attention span etc., to help achieve overall well-being.

We have a mobile app as well which gets connected to the headband and provides you all information about your focus, distractions, relaxation and stress, PDR, Mood etc.

How to book a Neuphony Session?

To book a session, select your preferred location, date, time and number of sessions. Based on your selection, pay the amount and you're done. You can then physically visit the center at the scheduled date and time. You'll receive a confirmation via email as well.

In case you have any queries, you can always reach out to

Can Neuphony help with reduce stress? How does it work?

Yes, Neuphony can help you reduce stress by training your brain with Neurofeedback. Over sessions, Neuphony helps you overcome anxiety and you can see the improvements in your insights as well.

What are the benefits of the Neuphony pod sessions?

Neuphony pod sessions are designed by neuroscientists which help you find out which area of your life is causing you stress and helps you reduce and improve your brain health with meditation and other activities.

And on top of that, you can track your improvements and brain performance with Neuphony alongside.

Neuphony helps you measure and improve focus, attention span, calmness levels, Mood and PDR of your brain.

How many sessions should a beginner should take?

We recommend at least four sessions plan for a beginner. Once you can see the improvements and find the sessions helpful. You can always book more and more sessions.

Can I set up a Neuphony Pod at my location?

Yes, you can set up a Neuphony Pod at your location. It's an easy process. Kindly drop us an email at and our team will get in touch with you directly.

How do I contact Neuphony support?

You can send in your queries or feedback at