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    FAQs and Support

    What is Neuphony?

    Neuphony captures real-time EEG data from the brain and makes use of Neurofeedback which further is used to track and improve brain health.

    How Neuphony can help the brain based Startups?

    Neuphony provides access to real-time brain data, hardware, SDK and support to brain-tech startups so that they can build their own applications.

    How can Neuphony help me in my research?

    Neuphony captures brain waves and provides real-time EEG data from the brain. Which further helps any researcher with his research.

    Is Neuphony backed by any research organisation already?

    Research organisations like C-DAC, DRDO, IISC, Neuromeditation Institute and many others have used Neuphony in their researches.