Create A Happier & Healthier Workplace

Behind the growth of any business, team plays an important role. They are the real assets. Encourage and empower your team to care for their mental well-being.

Workplace wellbeing

It's Time To Change Our Approach Towards
Employee's Well Being

A Recent Survey Shows

Workplace Reported Mental Health Issues

Experience Workplace Related Stress

Mental health issues among employees leads to

Inefficiency In Doing Tasks

Lack of Concentration

Difficulty In Decision Making

Your Performance matters, but so do you!!

Mental wellbeing is now Gamified!

Metrics To Monitor




With the help of scientifically validated wearable devices monitor the cognitive health of your employees and give personalised recommendations to find their optimal zone.

Optimize your performance & learn how to manage stress in best way possible.

Based on metrics captured for an individual, find the zone of your employees and give personalized solutions!

Optimal Performance


Highly Focused

Fatigue & Exhaustion


Lack of Motivation


Optimal Stress

Difficulty to Focus


High Irritability

Inactive or Bored employee
motivated and relaxed employee
highly focused and optimal stressed employee
employee with fatigue and exhaustion
employee with overwhelemed and burnout

Super Chill


Optimal Performance



Optimal-Stress -Performance-curve

We recommend a combination of counselling, lifestyle habits and mindfulness exercises based on individuals brain data and goals!

Brain Training Days

Data driven insights into different cognitive parameters of employees collected over frequent intervals.

mindfulness training

Meditation workshops

Regular meditation workshops for the employees driven by the data to keep a tab on their improvement

Psyhcometric Intervention

Early interventions through our network of psychiatrists and psychologist to the employees whenever required

Stress : 45%

Focus: 60%

HR DASHBOARDS to get insights into the cognitive scores of the teams to keep a check on their mental well being and this also helps the management in the decision making.

Neurofeedback at home with neuphony
  • Personalized insights for every employee based on their session journey.
  • Employees can track their cognitive scores and work on self-improvement with the help of real-time data from brain
  • Help your employees achieve optimal performance by managing their stress and focus scores.
neuphony for workplace and employee wellbeing program case study

Boost Your Employee's Productivity and Happiness!

We did a brain training workshop with a company where employees and management took sessions from Neuphony and got insights about their personality and their cognitive scores like focus and stress scores. We gave personalized recommendations to employees and gave overall insights about team’s brain health and cognition scores to management