Unlocking your Brainwaves with Neuphony

Just like each emotion is essential to embrace your true self, your brain has different brainwaves, each of which has an integral role to play. 

Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta are the five frequencies present in the brain. These frequencies are present in your brain simultaneously at any point in time. Throughout the day, our brain alternates between them in various phases.

One brainwave will be dominating  in a specific area of your brain when you try to train it.

Now the brainwave along with the brain part, together will be the driving factor and  will determine your personality characteristics.

It can determine our focus, relaxation, stress, observance, intuitiveness and much more. 

Our habits and lifestyle determine the person we are. And guess what, we can unlock and switch through our multiple personas by brain training. Through training in neurofeedback, neuroplasticity, and mindfulness, we can control these transitions, flip between different states and adopt the one we need the most at the moment.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, we launch the #NeuAvatars to help you know about your multiple brainwaves and multiple personas. 

Which #NeuAvatar are you presently?

The Mindful Monk

the monk

With a peaceful, observant and intuitive spirit, this avatar stays in a meditative, deeply relaxed, and mindful state.

If you can relate to this avatar presently, then your brain is in the theta state, i.e., the theta rhythm is at dominance. 

Ranging from 4-7 Hz frequency helps you attain the meditative state and feel raw emotions. Theta waves are essential for processing information and making memories. They contribute to improved meditation, creativity, and sleep in the rapid eye movement phase.

By regularly practicing meditation, the brain produced more theta waves, which can help you achieve the Mindful Monk Avatar, unlocking the creative, mindful and more peaceful state. These can also be attained through various auditory stimuli.

The Captain Cool

The calm, relaxed and stress-free state, when you sometimes can be a bit lazy, but always at peace!

If you presently relate with the “Captain Cool” Avatar, then your brain is in the alpha state, i.e., 

Ranging from 8-14 Hz frequency, the alpha wave or the alpha rhythm determines the relaxed, calm and daydreaming state.

Alpha waves induce feelings of calm, increase creativity, and enhance your ability to absorb new information. While this makes you the Captain Cool, who is always in the chill zone, too much of it can lead to an inability to focus.

Meditation is believed to produce alpha waves in the posterior part of your brain. For achieving the Captain Cool Avatar, you need to unwind and unplug.

The Productive Ninja


The aware, alert and active avatar, you are highly focused on your goals and tasks. You are “In-your-zone”, like a shot of espresso!

If you relate with the productive ninja at the moment, your brain is in the beta state, i.e., the beta rhythm is dominant. 

This frequency ranges from 14-30 Hz, determining the super alertness while awake. The beta waves help keep the attention focused, developing analytical thinking and problem-solving while stimulating energy and action.

By mastering external focus (focus outside the body), your brain tunes into the beta dominance state, i.e., unlocking the Productive Ninja. There are auditory stimuli, such as the binaural beats, which help in producing the beta waves

The Enlightened Master

The rare kind, the “One in a Million”, this avatar is highly intuitive and intelligent, being highly observant and at the peak consciousness.

If you relate with the Enlightened Master presently, then you are in the gamma state, i.e., the Gamma Rhythm is at dominance. 

Determining the peak learning stage, heightened perception and consciousness, the gamma waves range from 30-100 Hz.

Gamma waves help increase cognitive enhancement, attention to detail, memory recall, and heightened creativity.

As explained to be the rare one, The Enlightened Master takes a lot of practice, compassion and determination to be achieved. Different types of breathing exercises and meditation practices, including the loving kindness meditation can increase the production of gamma waves in your brain.

Enlightened master

Find your #NeuAvatar

With Brain Training and Mindfulness, you can switch between these states and attain the one that requires it to be your present state.

The key to unlocking these states is Meditation – the act of slowing down and concentrating on your thoughts in the present moment. The goal is for you to focus on being aware of what you’re sensing or feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. 

Our EEG data can help you determine your dominant brainwave at the present moment, get to know your present #NeuAvatar and switch among those with recommended practices. 

With Neuphony’s Biohacking, you can unlock your brain insights, monitor them regularly and adopt the techniques that will help you achieve your ideal zone. 

Together, we can unlock and achieve better cognitive health for a better tomorrow!

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