meditation for everyone

Every year, the number of people who meditate increases worldwide. Meditation has proven to be beneficial in a large number of ways for people of all age groups and people from all walks of life. Many people start meditating with a friend or with the help of a meditation class or group near them. People take up meditation for various reasons. A very large number of cultures and communities across the world have practiced meditation for religious purposes. India is one of the countries where different types of religious meditation forms are practiced. Most people who start their meditation journey do so for being closer to the divine power. People meditate for calming down, relaxing or reducing stress levels.  Many people start meditation on their own and continue the same as it becomes a part of their routine. Meditation required dedication and discipline. You need to be very disciplined and follow your meditation routine regularly for ensuring better results.

Challenges and Getting Started with Meditation

Often, it gets hard for beginners to begin their meditation journey.  It might not be very easy to fix a schedule or find a routine that works best for you. It might also be a little difficult to identify how you can start meditation or which type of meditation you must do. The wide range of meditation options that exist are not only beneficial but can often confuse those starting their journey. You can find options like cooking meditation, movement or walking meditation and even music meditation. As exciting as the options seem, it is not very simple choosing the best meditative option. 

Lack of focus is another hurdle for people starting with their meditation journeys. This is especially common for the youth as it gets difficult for them to focus. Their world is filled with distractions and they often run away from the idea of meditating regularly. While it does seem difficult, paying attention and staying focused is easy if you are consistent. Let us take the example of working out. When you begin your physical fitness program you always start with less and slowly move towards more. That is, you start with lifting lighter weights and gradually increase them, you start with running slow and then increase your speed, or the distance you walk or run slowly increases with time. This is an excellent analogy as working out is to the body what meditating is to the mind. It is often difficult to get started or build a new habit. But consistency is what will get your boat sailing. 

Guided meditation is one of the forms of meditation that you must consider practicing. As the name suggests, you will receive guidance throughout your meditation session. As a beginner, you might need help with starting a guided meditation session. In this article, we will take a look at how you can start with this form of meditation for better mental and physical health.  

Basics Of Meditation

Meditation is now extremely popular around the globe and people of all age groups meditate. Meditation works differently for everyone and every person who meditates chooses to do the same for different results. No person is perfect and no person has everything they wish for in their life. Meditation helps you bridge the gap between who you are and what you wish to be”. Meditation helps you achieve your goals and helps you get what is missing in your life. Meditation is not some magical tool where you ask for a wish and it is served. Meditation helps you declutter. It helps you sort your thoughts, clear your mind and focus better on the things you want and the goals you wish to achieve. You pay better attention when you start meditating regularly. This is because meditation not only helps you work on your thoughts and emotional reaction but also improved various other aspects of your everyday life. Meditation is known to improve the quality of your sleep that is also related to helping you have a better mood and function well each day. Another benefit of meditating is that it prevents you from ageing and various diseases that could prove to be life-threatening. 

What Is Guided Meditation?

As the name very well suggests, guided meditation is about having a guide lead you through a meditation session. For beginners, it is good to have an expert or an application that can guide them through the steps of every meditation session. Meditation is a skill that comes with discipline and practice. Like every other skill, a trained professional can help you develop the same better. The guide helps you create mental imagery or walk through a variety of breathing exercises or chant mantras. These will help you meditate and calm your mind.

The three major aspects of guided meditation are approach, practice and integration. 

Approach: The teacher or the narrator of the session will explain to you the dynamics of the brain and how your mind will behave and react during the meditation session. 

Practice: The teacher will explain the techniques of mediation and help you use them for the duration of the session.

Integration: The teacher will help you identify how you can incorporate these techniques of meditation in your daily life and regularly practice the same. 

Some of the types of guided meditation tools that you can use for a mediation session are:

Steps And Tips For Guided Meditation

Meditation is not just about reducing your anxiety levels or managing stress. What you aim to achieve will be very different from what someone who is very close to you would aim for. 

  • The first step to starting your guided mediation journey is to define your goal. This will help you identify your journey and path to achieve this goal.
  • The next step is making time. Time is your best friend that will support you through your meditation journey. You need to make time for your meditation session. You need to follow your schedule religiously and try not to miss out on the same. In the beginning, you might want to postpone or reschedule but sticking to your fixed routine will prove more beneficial.
  • You must find a comfortable, calm and peaceful place for your meditation session. You must also ensure you do not sleep off during the session.
  • For the duration of your meditation session, you must try disconnecting from the virtual space by either turning off your phone or turning down the notifications. This will help you focus more and enhance the relaxation meditation session.


Meditation is letting your thoughts flow naturally and observing each thought as it passes by. Your mind will wander off when you begin meditating which is completely alright. Meditation will help you listen clearly to your thoughts and monitor them. With regular guided meditation, you will be able to accept the thoughts and learn more about the origin of the same. You must be the master of your mind and not let your thoughts master you. With observation and learning, you will have the power to control your thoughts and steer them in the direction where you want. 


Guided Meditation With Neuphony

Neuphony offers a neurofeedback headband and mobile application that helps anyone and everyone take up a guided meditation session. There is a shift in your thoughts, your reactions and your emotions after a meditation session. The Neuphony headband helps record these and the mobile application helps you keep a track of the same. Using the guided meditation session from Neuphony, you can set customized goals and find the right meditative practice for achieving the same. You can monitor your progress and also track your journey throughout the session. 

Ready To Start Your Meditation Journey?

Well, there is so much more to a guided meditation that you can explore as you begin your journey. Choosing a guided meditation session will help you walk the right path through your journey. For beginners, this is the best way of getting started as they will find a path to follow and know what to do and how to do it. Meditation is beneficial for students, professionals, business owners, homemakers and all other people of all age groups. Staying attentive and being focused is important for every task that you take up. A guide will help you focus on your meditation session. Building the habit of meditation will help you build other good habits as well and do better in your everyday life.