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Your brain is the thinking center of your body and harnessing the full potential of your brain is extremely important. Brain training is the term that we look at when we talk about training the brain to function healthily in its normal state.

Also known as cognitive training, brain training is a set of activities that are combined as a program to help improve the cognitive abilities of an individual. These activities help in improving the overall working of your brain. Brain training is very similar to training the body with workouts and exercises for building a better physique. Mind training activities and exercises are a good way of maintaining cognitive abilities and ensuring the fine-tuning and functioning of your mind.

To train your mind, it is important to understand what goes on inside of it and receive the data that will help us in identifying the areas that need more training for better performance. Brain hacking is the process of recording and identifying your brain waves and training them using various mindful activities to help you remember more, think faster, focus better and be more attentive. Choosing the Neuphony headband and mobile application that helps you track your brain waves and their activity is the best option if you seriously wish to explore brain hacking and brain training for the normal functioning of your brain.

What is Brain Hacking?

There are several times in a day when you are highly stressed. This could be due to work or deadlines or a lot of pressure on your mind due to an upcoming task. There are also times when you are anxious and have a fear of uncertainty which could be due to any upcoming event or new activity that you might be a part of. But there are also times in a day when you are happy or excited and there are also times when you are at peace. All these emotions are your brain’s reaction to the events and happenings that occur throughout the day. These occurrences are the triggers that disturb the brain waves and cause a reaction. Brain hacking works toward tracking your brain waves and the response of your brain waves to the various triggers to help you comfort your mind of the reaction and restore a calm and composed state of mind. 



The advancement in technology in the present times allows us to use a set of applications and techniques that can help improve the cognitive functions, mental state and level of function of the brain. This is known as brain hacking and is used for the personal development of the individual. Brain hacking is also responsible for improving efficacy and optimising happiness. 

Using brain hacking techniques and technology, you can gather the data related to your brain waves, your triggers and how the brain reacts to the same, also known as a brain map. The next step then is to restore the brain waves to their original state and in turn, restore the mind to its composed state. Meditation is the method that benefits the maximum number of people as there are no harmful effects of meditation and meditating for just 10 minutes every day can help take care of your brain.

Meditation is to the mind what working out is to the body. Our brain is that part of the body where all our thoughts take place and where every experience is felt. Very often we forget to take care of the brain and focus only on the facade, that is our body. The brain requires as much care and attention and meditation is a method that has no side effects and is highly beneficial for the brain. 

Just like our bodies, our brains are designed differently too and we are all unique. Hence we need a customised meditation plan that helps in relaxing the brain. So how does one find the right brain exercises and mindful activities for their triggers and reactions?

How Neuphony Helps Train Your Brain?

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The Neuphony products that include a neurofeedback headband and a mobile application are the answer to finding out the right meditation for brain hacking for an individual. Let us take the example of the emotions that we feel in a day and how our mood swings with every event that occurs throughout the day. The brain waves transmitted in the brain have a normal wavelength. Some events cause stress or some anticipated outcomes of our actions that make us anxious. Certain situations excite us so much or make us so happy that even the pace of the heartbeat is altered. These emotions and reactions are a result of the change in the wavelength of our brain waves. Using the Neuphony headband, your brain data or EEG data can be recorded.



This can help you identify your triggers and which type of situation leads to which type of reaction. Neuphony is a neurofeedback device that makes helps record brain waves and creates a brain map to help the user identify their triggers. The device helps in overcoming the negative reaction produced due to these triggers with meditation and other mindful activities.

The mobile application from Neuphony also suggests the activities you must try to calm down and relax. Even when you involve in meditation or the other mindful activities suggested, you must make use of the headband. This will help you monitor the brain waves and how they change during this activity.

Using these Neuphony products for brain hacking can help you in tracking your mood and also identify the activities that help you keep calm even in the tensest situations. We also see varying results in different environments. Different music, breaks between meetings, pre and post-lunch, and even coffee impacted brain activity as recorded by the Neuphony headband. 

Real-time Brain Hacking with Neuphony

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Who benefits from the range of products and brain hacking techniques offered by Neuphony? Anyone and Everyone. Our products have been introduced to and tested with students, developers, artists, psychology students and professionals to help them identify brain hacking and the positive results. 

Recently we tested our products, the Neuphony headband and mobile app with the renowned author Tazmeen Amna Siddiqi. Amna’s book, Goner revolves around a young woman in her twenties who faces various hardships and mental health issues. With the circumstances of the character, she deals with expensive therapy for her mental disorders. 

This also points to the importance of hacking the brain to track its activities at earlier stages and use the right activities to train the brain. Being a creative head, it is common to feel anxious and so was the case with Tazmeen Amna before we tried the Neuphony headband. On identifying her triggers and with the help of the neurofeedback received from the session, she was advised to meditate for a few minutes while keeping the headband on.

During the meditation session, the Neuphony headband recorded the brain waves and created a map of the brain activity. After the session, she was not only calm but also able to identify the situations and mindful activities that helped her feel this way. 


Brain hacking is a promising way of improving the mind’s ability to keep calm. Brain hacking is the best way to identify your triggers and negative responses as well as how your brain waves respond to different mindful activities, hence generating customized options for you to use when anxious or stressed. Individuals are now highly interested in using this method for personal development.