Is meditation an art? Or is it a science? Well, it is both and practicing the art of meditation has many scientifically proven benefits.

It is very well known that meditation is the best workout for your mind. Globally, around 200-500 million people meditate, as per a report by The Good Body. This is not at all surprising, looking at the multiple benefits of practicing meditation regularly. Not only does meditating help you feel better mentally, but it also benefits your physical and emotional health. Our number one recommendation for the overall well-being of your mind and body and a better lifestyle.

Understanding Meditation Better For Regular Practice

Meditation is a skill that is developed with practice. It is a set of techniques that have been practiced by communities across the globe for centuries. These techniques have proven to relax the muscles and nerves of the brain. Meditating has benefits other than just reducing anxiety and stress. Not only does meditation work on the surface level to help you calm down in a tense situation but also helps you deal with the situation and understand the same from a different perspective.


While a major part of the population has recently switched to meditation for well-being and lifestyle changes, Meditation is not a concept so new. Meditation is one of the oldest practices across a large number of cultures around the world. Most religions have traditionally used meditative practices. Meditation is also used as a psychotherapeutic technique.

While meditation benefits your mind and body in multiple ways, there are also no side effects of meditating. This leads people to choose meditation over medication. If you wish to explore meditating and are finding more about the advantages of the same, you must read the upcoming sections.

How Meditating Benefits Your Mind And Body

Meditation is the best way to help your mind and body relax and calm down. It is also the best way of exercising the muscles of your mind that you miss out on. Many other activities can help train the mind and body, then why meditate? As per a report by The Good Body, the top reason why people meditate is for general wellness.

We have listed here some of the benefits of meditating. There are a lot of other ways too, how meditation affects you positively, but these are some of the major reasons:

Why you must choose meditation for a healthier life?:

  • Meditation reduces stress and controls anxiety. Meditating not only reduces stress but helps you deal with stressful situations better. If you are looking forward to building a new perspective on your situations and thoughts, meditation helps.
  • Meditation helps individual deals with the causes of depression.
  • Meditation helps an individual improve their attention span.
  • Multiple studies have proven that meditating helps reduce memory loss due to aging.
  • Lowering the resting heart rate and blood pressure are also possible with meditation.
  • Meditating regularly helps improve sleep duration and quality. And Improved sleep quality improves your mood, your focus and your everyday activities.
  • Meditation helps individuals become more self-aware.
  • With an enhanced mental state, you can form better relationships.
  • Meditating makes you kinder and humbler.
  • Meditation awakens an individual spiritually.

Meditation for a better brain health

We could go on listing the benefits of meditating and making meditation a part of your lifestyle and still not help you find out why you should start meditating. We could also create manuals on the reasons why you should start meditating and still not help you find the motivation to do so. This is because mediation is not the same for everyone.

Just like everyone’s body responds differently to working out so does every mind respond differently to meditation. The reason why you choose to meditate may be very different from the reason why your friend or partner or family members choose to meditate. The reasons for choosing meditation will vary for each individual.

Over the years, the number of people who meditate has increased exponentially. Why?

Many myths revolve around practicing meditation for better mental health. People believe that meditation is about becoming a better person or a new person. This is a wrong perception of this activity and often leads to unhealthy practices as well. Most people end up meditating for the wrong reasons and end up with poorer results.

Meditation is about observing your thoughts as they flow naturally through your mind. The skill you need to develop is observing your thoughts well enough to understand them. The next level should be understanding your reaction to the same. Being able to address each thought is another important aspect.

Every day, we go through multiple situations, communicate with a number of people and share their thoughts. All these activities stir different reactions and newer thoughts in our minds that might be positive or negative. Often, it gets difficult to focus on what is important or pay attention to our original thoughts or even work on what is important due to the noise in the mind that all these thoughts create. Meditating helps you declutter and focus on what is important for your growth and success.

Meditating for some people is about finding peace and for some, it is about focusing better. For some people, meditation helps them stay attentive and work towards their goals. Meditating also helps people become better humans by being kinder and more considerate.

Exploring Meditation In Its Different Forms

Exploring meditation is more about exploring yourself than about exploring the forms of meditation. It helps you explore your thoughts and identify where these thoughts arise from. We know that meditation means different to everyone. So is the case with how people wish to meditate. Some people find peace in breathing exercises and some people might find walking to be meditative. For some, an act of kindness may work as meditation and for other people listening to calming music might be meditative. Meditation is so much more than just deep breathing or focusing on your thoughts in silence. Meditation can also be in the form of many different activities.

You can try many forms of meditation using the Neuphony Headband and mobile app. Guided meditation is one of the most common forms of meditation practiced presently. Let us help you know a little more about guided meditation with Neuphony.

Guided Meditations with Neuphony


Figuring out where to get started? This section will answer your doubts. Starting with your meditation journey can be a little difficult. With the right help, you can get ahead with your journey and get the desired results as well. The Neuphony headband and mobile application offer guided meditation sessions.

A guided meditation session is where someone guides you through the meditation session. The Neuphony neurofeedback headband helps in identifying the reasons you need to meditate. The mobile application then offers you a variety of meditations that you can practice. Wearing the Neuphony headband during meditation helps the app create a brain map. This information is useful for you in tracking your mind’s response to stress or tension and how the mind responds after meditating.

Beginning Your Meditation Journey

We hope that you have now understood why people meditate and why you should choose meditation as a part of your everyday activities. Your reasons for meditating could be anything and as long as you feel positive about yourself, your work, your situation and your surroundings, you are doing it right!

You do not need to limit yourself to silence or deep breathing or any specific forms of meditating. There are so many different meditation forms that you can try for your well-being with the Neuphony headband. A guided meditation session with the Neuphony headband can be a good option for you when exploring these different forms of meditation. Meditating regularly can help you feel better mentally, emotionally and physically.