The City of Diamonds, and the people with a heart of the diamond, Surat, welcomed Team Neuphony open-heartedly!

100+ people experienced Neuphony in less than 18 hrs at “21by72”, the Start-up Summit, organized by IVY Growth Associates presents “21by72”. We are absolutely amazed to see the response by the audience of Surat, who has been as sweet as their food.

The people here had a spiritual calmness in their nature, and it was delightful to see their awareness and proactiveness towards meditation, which can prove to be the best brain training technique to improve our overall brain health and cognitive performance.

Our insights analysis had a success rate of 99% which moreover drew their attention to the device. They were curious to know more about their brain and showed a great level of interest in the product.


It was a great deal to witness so many young business enthusiasts and start-ups, which gave us a new zeal of motivation to reach greater heights. At the event, our founders connected with Prafull MBA CHAI WALA, Aditya Arora (Founder of Faad Network), Sparsh Khandelwal (Founder of Styleworks), and many other young entrepreneurs & eminent businesses, who experienced Neuphony, and found it amazing when we shared their insights.

Looking at the amazing response of the audience, our team has planned to come up with a pod session for Surat, and make them experience a “NEU” version of themselves.