Step 1: Download & Install the Neuphony Desktop Application

Use the following link to download and install the Neuphony Desktop Application based on the operating system you’re using. You can also watch the following video for a complete walkthrough of the installation process and understanding the features in detail.

Step 2: Download the Additional Drivers (*Mandatory)

Neuphony Desktop Application requires some additional drivers to function propely and adapt your system settings. Please download & install these drivers (mandatory). Please watch the tutorial video in case you need any help.

Neuphony’s Guide to Understanding Brainwaves

By following these steps and adhering to the professional considerations, you can leverage the power of EEG analysis to gain valuable insights into brain function, optimize cognitive performance, and inform evidence-based interventions for individuals seeking to improve their mental well-being.

Features and Functionalities to Explore

Game Changing Inbuilt Neurofeedback

A unique game that challenges your External Focus using neurofeedback. Inspired by the classic Breakout Game, this is a test of brainpower and speed. How fast can you break all the bricks?

Lab Streaming Layer (LSL)

Ready to revolutionize your data game? Whether you’re a developer or researcher, LSL Streaming is the secret sauce you’ve been missing – Real-Time Insights, efffortless integration & scales effortlessly.

Visual P300 Experiment

Ever wondered how our brains respond to different things we see, hear, or think about? That’s where the P300 signal comes in! It’s like a rapid spark of electricity in our brain, happening when we pay special attention to something unique or unexpected.

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