Have you ever sat down to draw or paint, but no ideas came? How many days have you ever tried to be creative, but for some reason, each day goes by, and you just feel numb? The creative process requires you to be in a certain frame of mind, to be feeling inspired and focused and in the zone so that you can create your best work. But it feels frustrating when you’re chugging along, trying to be your most brilliant, creative self and suddenly, nothing feels right.

That’s when you’re struggling with a creative block. When you are unable to access your internal creativity, it is known as a creative block. Professionals like artists, musicians, and performers often suffer creative blocks that are long-lasting for months or years together. Creative block creates a lot of mental health issues that are difficult to deal with.

The Mental health struggles of an Artist

Mental health struggles of an artist often include self-hatred, creative block, repeated rejections, stress, anxiety, and many other mental health issues that are not discussed openly throughout their careers. Artists require great discipline, resilience, and a calm headspace to give their best on their respective platforms. Mental health issues can be solved through meditation, neurofeedback, and cutting-edge brain technology. Famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Louis Wain, and Edward Munch also faced mental health issues such as anxiety, depression that brought a downfall in their careers.

How can Neurofeedback and meditation help artists with creative block?

Neurofeedback犀利士 and meditation have been scientifically proven useful in reducing mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, creative blocks, and so on by enhancing concentration and clarity of thoughts. Neurofeedback can let you be in the creativity zone through training theta rhythm over alpha with closed eyes just before entering sleep mode. Additionally, neurofeedback works to boost musical acuity, the actual playing of the music further enables noticeable improvement through the process of neuroplasticity.

Mindfulness and consistent meditation can help us relax and welcome some ease back into our lives. By doing meditation on a regular basis, it can be fruitful to both – life and creativity. It improves clarity and focuses by strengthening the consciousness. Furthermore, humble meditation practices improvise inspiration and authenticity and let the true voice of an artist emerge on its own. Thus, meditation helps in flourishing and helps you prosper in your career.

Train your brain to enhance your creativity

Creativity, in your brain, is majorly supported through the frontal cortex. Any creative activity, be it drama or visual arts requires engaging all the senses and wire the brain for a better learning experience. Neuphony offers a smartwatch for your brain that monitors your daily brain activity including focus, creative energy, and stress levels.

Non Creative people can become creative by practicing art when they are tired. When you are tired, your brain is not as good at filtering out distractions and focusing on a particular task. It is also barely efficient at remembering links between ideas. These features are very necessary when it comes to doing creative work because it requires making new connections, adopt new ideas and think out-of-the-box. So, when your brain is tired and fuzzy, it is of much more use to us when working on creative masterpieces.

So, let Neuphony help in training your brain waves resulting in better creativity and performance in real life. Neuphony can enhance the growth of cognitive, emotional, and psychomotor pathways of your brain for boosted creative thinking.

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