”The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”-Bruce Lee

Improve Focus is the brain’s ability to concentrate its attention on a target stimulus for a particular period of time. Focus can only occur when we have said yes to one particular thing and no to other multiple things. Focus is the main key to productivity because it is your ability to accomplish one thing that is on your bucket list. To maintain a long-term improve focus, it is better to focus on the processes rather than the events. 

Beta waves are quite fast in action. Beta Waves help you in staying awake, alert and focused. It is most frequently picked up along two sides in symmetrical distribution and is most evident frontally. You do activities of daily living and make decisions accordingly. They are involved in conscious thought and logical thinking and tend to have a stimulating effect. Our brain also produces the fastest gamma waves when you’re actively involved in processing information and learning. 

So, while focusing and solving problems, they are as high as 35 Hz. Here is the time when your brain produces high-speed beta waves measuring between 12 and 35 Hz. thus, Beta waves are a normal working state. Low beta waves are associated with quiet, focused, and introverted concentration. Surplus beta waves can result in anxiety, an ability to relax, and higher stress levels. 

How to meditate for better focus?

One of the best ways to enhance your focus is to practice mindfulness. As you train the mind to remain present and fully focused on one object – physical sensations or the process of breathing, for example – you learn to let go of all other thoughts and distractions as well. Performing Zen meditation helps in stabilizing your mind and your ability to focus becomes superior. 

When you tend to be mindful of your own will, your overall focus naturally improves.  The other meditation
method that helps people in focusing more is counting the breathing cycles. Mindfulness is taken a step further with the help of this method. The ones who practice consistently limit themselves by paying the least attention to irrelevant
things and perform better in tasks that demand selective attention. 

How to use Neuphony for improving Focus? 

We spend an awful lot of time daydreaming – almost 50% of the time by some measures. One bad thought and it will be quite easy for our mind to get distracted. Distractions eat up most of our time and mental wellbeing that we either feel overwhelmed or incompetent. Neuphony creates a brain map of your cognitive stage and identifies the distractions that are happening at a particular point in time.

It controls your attention rigorously using Focus exercises and provides real-time feedback to help you stay focused. This is almost similar to joining a mental gym and train your brain muscles to stay focused. So, just wear the device and your earphones, pair it with your mobile and you are all set. Focus more within just a few weeks using Neuphony!