Social distancing for self-reflection – The beginning of 2020 will be remembered for decades to come. We are going through a Pandemic. For most people, this is once in a lifetime experience they do not want to remember. The effect of Covid-19 has touched everyone on this planet. For the first time, we are fighting an enemy by not coming together but keeping ourselves away from each other. People are locked in their homes for days, in some cases weeks. A new lifestyle has been forced upon people for which they are not prepared. How can you even prepare yourself for such a situation? This extraordinary situation definitely demands an extraordinary effort from all of us.

Social distancing for self-reflection – However, this could also be a time that we never had for ourselves. We never realized how busy we got in our lives, so much so that, we did not spend time with ourselves for a long time. We were always overwhelmed with our daily routine, our professional work, our friends and relatives, always surrounded by people. Maybe we talked to ourselves when we drove alone or were commuting to work, taking out our garbage, doing the laundry. I believe, now is the time, that we did not even know, we have been waiting for.

Self Awareness and Self Love

For a moment we can keep ourselves away from this unprecedented situation, far away from the anxiety and fear in the air, and just look inward. How about starting with pampering ourselves. Indulge in something we love but could not find time otherwise. How about gathering the courage and digging deeper. Self-love manifests self-reflection. Self-reflection means lifting up your own heart and peeling back the layers one by one. It means being honest to oneself and asking where we made mistakes and the areas we need to grow within and hope we change.

If you are not happy with your body, take a good look at yourself. If you are not happy with your job, take a break and assess, what is that you do not like about it? How happy you are in your relationships? Where have you overlooked, where you could do something to improve them or what is that you are looking for?

However, the best start would be to calm ourselves first and get rid of the anxiety and noise that has been keeping us away from our own voice. To keep ourselves calm and peaceful during this time, we need meditation. How about starting with a 15-minute meditation session and then repeating it every time you feel restless or drained out of stress. This would be the best opportunity to pick up this great habit that directly addresses mental health.

Meditation for Mental Health

We at Neuphony believe in unlocking the true potential of the human mind and in fighting the menace of mental stress through meditation. Let’s start with a 15-minute meditation session daily to calm ourselves down and get rid of unwanted anxiety. Join us in our drive towards keeping ourselves mentally fit during this challenging time.