Entrepreneurship is not only a mindset but also a skillset – Mitchell Kapor. Let’s have a glance at the key skills necessary for every entrepreneur. According to the studies, 72% of Entrepreneurs face mental health challenges as compared to 48% of non-entrepreneurs. To be a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of dedication, a strong mindset, and hard work but at the same time, it is a journey full of self-doubts and fear of failures. This leads to the start of mental health issues such as anxiety, burnout, stress, and a lot more. Having a positive motivated state of mind is all that an entrepreneur needs. Nonetheless, when mental health issues impact your cognitive skills, it automatically affects your performance. Based on the skills and desired brain state, one can always train their brain.

Key skills crucial for every Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs constantly try to change the world by offering something new every day. Hence these 3 key skills are crucial for an entrepreneur – Adaptability, persistence, and hard work. These 3 skills are connected to our brain because they help in keeping our motivation high with the help of Neuroplasticity and Nociceptin Neurons. Neuroplasticity plays a major role while the brain is learning/adopting new skills. It enhances your brain. It helps in storing a new set of information as well. Without neuroplasticity, one cannot adapt to new things, learn new skills, or adjust to their surrounding environments.

If you feel that you are lacking any of these skills, your brain can be trained with the power of neuroplasticity and by targeting nociceptive neurons and dopamine to boost up the motivation level. Nociceptin neurons, a group of brain cells, help to maintain a high level of motivation and persistence for the entrepreneurs. They become super active and provoke the dopamine cells to give up. Dopamine levels need to be quite high to have the capacity of doing hard work. These activities can be tracked using various tools such as EEG-informed Neurofeedback devices.

Neurofeedback for Entrepreneurs

Neurofeedback training helps in promoting brain patterns (electrical activity) that lead to higher performance in real life. Using the alpha-beta ratio, one can make out what relaxes their brain and what helps them focus better. Most importantly, your cognitive efficiency is improved and there is a noticeable increase in attention, concentration, and decision-making power along with decreased stress levels. This helps in improving overall work efficiency and cognitive functioning. Neurofeedback helps in detecting motivation by measuring the asymmetry of beta signals in the frontal part of the brain. And as we know, motivation is directly

How to bring “the zone” home?

Mindfulness meditation techniques and EEG-informed neurofeedback programs can train entrepreneur’s minds for a better life. Meditation has been scientifically proven to help in reducing stress and anxiety levels and also in boosting creativity. When one wants to achieve a focused mental state, such programs can help them deal better and find innovative solutions. Neurofeedback and meditation together help you change your brain state (meditation) and validate it as well (neurofeedback).

Neuphony is an EEG-informed neurofeedback wearable device, which can help you bring “the Zone (Flow state)” home. Neuphony will become your mental fitness tracker and will help you in maintaining a positive motivated state of mind by keeping you focused and motivated throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

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