importance of metal health wellness

Your body is where you live and your mind is where your thoughts live, wander and grow hence directing your body. The health of your mind or mental health is as important as your physicalzz health. We often fail to understand the same and end up ignoring mental health and well-being or giving it as much attention as physical health. Just like the health of your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, gut and all other systems are important, so is the case with your brain. Your mental health deserves attention and care. While mental health care is different from how we take care of physical health it is necessary. 

Facts you should know about mental health and wellness

As per Jamanetwork’s online study, almost 8 million people die every year due to mental health disorders. Of these, a major portion of patients commit suicide, making it the 4th major cause of death, especially among the youth, states a report by the World Health Organisation in 2021. People often choose to remain silent because of the stigma around mental illness. Some of the common major mental disorders that people suffer include depression, anxiety disorders, ADHD, BPD, PTSD, sleep disorders, eating disorders and so on. 


Brain waves and their importance

The brain functions based on a set of waves. Behaviors, thoughts and emotions are communicated using the brain waves between neurons. These waves are named alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta. Brainwaves transmit at different paces, some are fast and some are slow. These waves transmit even when you are sleeping.  These waves are measured in Hertz. There is a change in the pace or the frequency of these waves that are often indicative of a mental disorder.

brain waves

How to track and improve your mental health & wellness

We now know that it is important to monitor the brain waves and ensure the healthy functioning of the mind for better living. But how does one identify if there is an issue with their mental health? How are mental illnesses or any slight issues detected? Once detected, how does one bring their mind back on track? What are the remedies for mental disorders?

Neuphony headband and mobile application

Well, the answer to all these questions is the Neuphony Headband and the Neuphony Mobile Application. To elaborate on the same, let us give you the following example:

There are various times of the day when you are stressed. There could be many reasons for the same. No matter what the reason is, the brain wave frequency will be altered. While being stressed is a common everyday phenomenon, one must not become used to its presence. The Neuphony Headband is the best solution for you that makes use of neurotechnology to monitor your brain waves and collect EEG data. This real-time data can be reviewed by you on your smartphone using the Neuphony Mobile Application.


The data that you receive on the Neuphony Mobile Application will help you identify the brainwave that is transmitting at a higher or lower frequency as compared to their normal state and your triggers. Meditation can be a wonderful method for calming your mind and bringing it back to its normal state without medication or any other chemical usage. You must involve in meditation immediately to reduce stress as guided by the Neuphony Headband. 

You can find gamified meditation techniques for an enhanced experience and your EEG data will be recorded throughout the meditation session. You can access this data on the Mobile Application post your session and also monitor the status of your brain and brain waves owing to the neurotechnology used. The Neuphony Headband helps in managing the frequency of the brainwaves. 

Regularly keeping a check on your mind with neurofeedback and managing your stress, anxiety and negative thoughts with meditation can help you prevent major mental illness and hence lead a healthier life with a better lifestyle.