Welcome to the world of Brain-health Bio-hacking!

Imagine harnessing the power of your mind — unleashing its full potential, becoming the architect of your intellect—transcending your brain’s limitations, and soaring to new heights of cognitive mastery.

This sounds like a 2050 sci-fi dream already…

But if you dial down the dramatic exaggeration, this no longer is an idea confined to the realm of science fiction. 

In today’s world, brain-health biohacking is a rapidly growing reality that offers practical, science-based solutions to enhance your mental abilities & protect your brain’s health.

Whether you’re looking to boost your productivity, improve your memory, or reduce your risk of cognitive decline, brain-health biohacking has worked like a charm! 

How does brain health bio-hacking work?

Brain health biohacking is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of brain activity to teach individuals how to control their own brain waves. It is precisely done by tracking your brain activity, understanding them, and learning to control it by providing real-time feedback. 

7-step process to bio-hack your brain

This whole process involves attaching electrodes to the scalp to measure brain activity, which is then translated into a visual or auditory signal also known as brainwaves. After understanding the data, you are then trained to control the signal by making adjustments to your thoughts and behaviors, with the goal of improving the brain’s overall function. Here’s how the process looks:

Tracking Brain Activity with Neuphony EEG headset:

1. Wear the headset: Put on the Neuphony EEG headset and connect it to your phone.

2. Start the app: Open the Neuphony Meditation app and put on your headphones. Close your eyes and start the session.

3. Review results: After the session is complete, review your results on your phone to see how you did.

4. Review graphs and charts: The Neuphony meditation app will show your progress through graphs and charts, displaying your focus, stress, mood, and brain performance levels.

Understanding Insights:

  • Focus/Distraction Graph: Track and analyze your focus during meditation using data and visual representations. You will get an external focus score providing a measure of how well you were able to maintain focus during meditation, along with deeper insights showing when and how distractions occurred.
  • Mood Analysis: Track and monitor your mood over time. During a session, you can see how your mood is affected in real-time, and after the session is over, you will get a summary of your average mood over the course of a week or month. With this, you will get an idea of how your mood changes over time and valuable insights into any emerging patterns or trends.


  • Calm/Stress Graph: Assess your stress & calm levels using the Neuphony headband. After a session, the headband will provide real-time insights into how effective their meditation was in reducing stress and promoting calmness. With this, you can make adjustments to your meditation practice and work towards achieving optimal stress and calm levels.
  • PDR Report:  Track and monitor the average level of a specific type of brainwave activity called PDR: a low-frequency brainwave associated with relaxation, calmness, and mental clarity. By tracking the average PDR score, you can gain insights into the state of your brain during relaxation and determine how effectively you are able to achieve a calm and relaxed mental state.


5. Understand your progress: These simple and easy-to-understand graphs and charts will give you insights into how your brain performed during each session.

Improving Brain activity:

6. Improving with Personalised Mediations: Engage in personalized meditations provided by the Neuphony app, which will help you control and regulate your thoughts and emotions, leading to improved brain activity.

7. Setting Goals

Forming a better relationship with your Brain

In conclusion, Neuphony provides a comprehensive approach to brain health and wellness by analyzing brain activity and identifying personalized techniques to improve mental states. The technology behind Neuphony supports the idea that changing brain waves can alter mental states and helps individuals understand their triggers and improve their focus, reduce stress, and increase overall productivity.

By utilizing Neuphony’s brain analysis and mood analysis to generate a Brain Performance Report, individuals can form a better relationship with their mental health and work towards improving it. With the help of Neuphony, individuals can embark on a journey toward optimal brain health and wellness.