Neuphony™ Desktop Application

It is one stop cost effective solution for all the researchers and wellness centers where they get all the tools required to simplify their research or to enhance the journey of the customers  and saves them from unnecessary hassles without compromising on the quality of the data.

Rs. 3,000/- monthly

Sensor connectivity

Check real time sensor connectivity of the sensors & the quality check

Real-Time EEG

Analyse real-time raw EEG data from the brain 

EEG Data Analysis

Run the frequency analysis of the data simultaneously.

Real Time Analysis of Cognitions

Stress Vs Calm

Analyse real-time changes in your calm scoress

Focus Vs Distractions

Analyse real-time changes in your  focus levels 


Real time analysis of how mood changes into positive, neutral, or negative during your session


PDR value helps indicate healthy functioning of the brain

via USB cable

via bluetooth dongle

Neuphony Headband black transparent image
Neuphony E

 Download Session files

(.csv or .edf)

Create unique user profiles

Latest Features

  • Download personalized reports of the sessions for your users.
  • Download and print EEG of previous sessions.
  • Replay data of the previous sessions anytime later
  • MMN and P300 experiment: They are event-related potentials (ERP) that are rigorously used to monitor parameters related to cognitive health such as attention and memory. While MMN is based on auditory stimuli, P300 is measured via visual stimuli-based task.
  • Request for neuromarketing metrics – Arousal and valence.
  • Track your vigilance and fatigue parameters real time