Neuphony Desktop Application

Desktop Dashboard

Neuphony presents the web dashboard application, which gives real-time instantaneous insights on stress level , concentration level, cognitive load, mood and PDR through brainwaves.

This application provides a clustered data of clients/employees of an organization, which helps in accelerating a collective solution for uncovering cumulative well-being.

filtered eeg data from neuphony sdk

Neuphony SDK

Neuphony SDK is the hub of everything brain entrepreneurs, researchers & enthusiasts need to extract first-hand brainwave data & create brain-based applications. The biggest roadblock to success in BCI Development & brain research is the lack of data. Neuphony helps you overcome this roadblock by providing the control of the data generating it first-hand. With Neuphony, you will have complete access to uninterrupted brain data.

  • Raw EEG data
  • FFT
  • Band Power
  • Artifact detection
  • Accelerometer data

Device Connection System

via BLE

via USB cable

Enabled Streaming type: Lab Streaming Layer (LSL)

Three Packages


The free desktop app
version enabling
session data recording.



Live data streaming
enable version & Python
toolbox available.

INR 899/month


React codebase to
develop applications
over Neuphony

INR 4000/month