Neuphony for Researchers

Uninterrupted real-time brain data for error-free research and analyses

A complete pack of hardware and software development kit for researchers

Brain & Cognitive activity Researchers require large amounts of data to back their research and perform analysis.

Why researchers prefer Neuphony?

Easy-to-use & Intuitive hardware

All-Inclusive Customer Support

8 Sensors

SDK access for first hand data 

World renowned research organisations use Neuphony

FAQs and Support

Do i have to apply any gel to use Neuphony?

Neuphony has eight dry EEG sensors which requires no gel at all. Just wear the headband, connect it to the app and you're good to go.

How can Neuphony help me in my research?

Neuphony captures brain waves and provides real-time EEG data from the brain. Which further helps any researcher with his research.

Is Neuphony backed by any research organisation already?

Research organisations like C-DAC, DRDO, IISC, Neuromeditation Institute and many others have used Neuphony in their researches.

Want to know more about how it works?

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