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Brain-tech startups need a stream of real-time data & insights from the human mind to build brain tech web apps &you brain pattern information. You can obviously rely on big research organizations or cumbersome old-school EEG setups but that will cost you fortune both financially & effort-wise. Neuphony is here to change that for good. We hand over to you the power to run the show cutting out the middleman.

Why brain-tech startups trust Neuphony?

Hardware to
build products

Customer support
to your clients

Access to Real-time data

Complete SDK

Leading brain-tech startups partnered with Neuphony

Divergence equips therapists with a remote, cloud-based neurofeedback platform so they can improve patient outcomes, serve more clients, and amplify their impact.

A DIPP-certified brain Tech startup built upon Neuphony that analyses the brain state of stroke patients.

FAQs and Support

What is Neuphony?

Neuphony captures real-time EEG data from the brain and makes use of Neurofeedback which further is used to track and improve brain health.

How Neuphony can help the brain based Startups?

Neuphony provides access to real-time brain data, hardware, SDK and support to brain-tech startups so that they can build their own applications.

Has Neuphony been working with any businesses already?

Neuphony is backed by World's top businesses like Divergence, Mind Mirror Portal, clytics, etc.

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