Neuphony Flex Cap

Connect via Bluetooth dongle
8 Channel EEG
Dry EEG Sensors
Movable Electrodes

Neuphony Flex Cap captures brain data through 8 EEG channels from the brain. With the best signal quality and flexible electrodes, it is being called as one of the best cap for researchers Made in India.

The device has 8 sensors distributed in the brain’s parietal, frontal & temporal lobes with the flexibility to move the sensors based on the requirements of the research. These are dry sensors and do not require any gel or saline solution.

Tech Specifications

Sensor Count  8 (+2 references) Frequency Response  1 – 45 Hz
Resolution  24 bits per channel LSB Resolution  22.35 nVolts (24 bits mode)
Dynamic Range  375 mV (pp) Sensor Technology Dry sensors: polycarbonate conductive passive   electrodes with Ag/AgCl coating
Motion Sensor  3x accelerometer Connectivity
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.2
  • USB Type-C (with Extender)
Battery Life  Up to 8 hours References  CMS/DRL references at M1/M2
Sample Rate  250 SPS
Sensor Count 8 (+2 references)
LSB Resolution 22.35 nVolts (24 bits mode)
Resolution 24 bits per channel
Sensor TechnologyDry sensors: polycarbonate conductive passive   electrodes with Ag/AgCl coating
Dynamic Range 375 mV (pp)
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.2
  • USB Type-C (with Extender)
Motion Sensor 3x accelerometer
References CMS/DRL references at M1/M2
Battery Life Up to 8 hours
Sample Rate 250 SPS
Frequency Response 1 – 45 Hz

Key Features

  • Dry EEG sensors with electrodes which can collect brain signal with correlation and coherence higher than 90% when compared with standard gel cup electrodes
  • 8 Channel EEG  Data Analysis 
  • Movable sensor position to collect data based on the research requirements of the individual
  •  Connection via bluetooth dongle or USB cable. No compromises with the quality in both the options .

1 Year Subscription of
Desktop Application included

  • Unique user id creation along with customised experiments and records of each user
  • Real time sensor connectivity and quality
  • Analysing Real time EEG data through 8 channels
  • Frequency analysis and band powers
  • Real time measurements of cognitive states including Stress, External Focus, Mood & PDR
  • Download .edf or .csv files of the session data recorded.

Measure Real Time Cognitive States

  • Stress Vs Calm

  • External Focus Vs Distractions

  • Mood Analysis with 3 mood – positive (happy, excited), neutral (normal) and negative (upset, anxious, fear). Analyze how your mood changes in the small duration

  • PDR (Posterior Dominant Rhythm): This metric helps indicate healthy functioning of the brain, it can also be summarised as processing speed or reaction time

Brain Researchers
and Developers

Buy Neuphony Flex Cap along with desktop application to analyze raw eeg data with added features like frequency analysis and band powers . 

Performance and Meditation centers

With this latest flex cap and desktop app get  real time stress, focus, mood and pdr analysis.


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We Are Trusted By Top Research Institutes

Dr. Mahesh Jayachandra
Dr. Mahesh JayachandraBio-design Innovator Indian Institute of Science
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Impressed by this EEG headband, I bought it and put it through its paces at my DBT-funded, Cognitive Neurophysiology lab at St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore (pic). Though main focus of Neuphony team was on Brain Wellness, they were also open to modify it for clinical use and collaborating with researchers and Neuro start-ups. They were also extra-ordinarily generous with their resources (human and SDK). Even we have received ethical approval to conduct a pilot project to monitor neurophysiological indices in Stroke. I wish them all the very best in their future endeavors! And I also encourage other Cognitive Neuroscientists and Neuro-physicians to check them out.
Centre For Development of Advanced Computing
Centre For Development of Advanced Computing
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Brain Computer Interface (BCI) demands quality data for real-time processing. We are embarking on this important project considering Neuphony as an EEG data acquisition device. We got continuous dedicated support from enthusiastic team helping us to achieve our goal. The provision of raw data, comfortable light-weight and sleek design of the hardware are the additional benefits it. Many more opportunities on the way. Keep at it with the same zeal. Wish you all the very best for a bright future.
Government College Of Yoga, Education & Health
Government College Of Yoga, Education & Health
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We used Neuphony, to conduct research on 40 meditation group and 20 control group subjects, to see the impact of meditation on brain. We have been preaching about the importance of yoga to our students, but by applying neuroscience and technology, we are on a whole new level. Neuphony helped us in achieving that. Tracking EEG while performing research makes it fun, resourceful, and factual. The device was easy to wear and carry. Also, we are thankful to the team for their constant support. They helped us with every issue we faced in a calm and supportive way. Thank You Neuphony and Team for making our research a success!

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