Neuphony For Business

Through Neuphony integration solutions, companies, research institutions, sport centers, and brain-tech startups have got an easier access to real-time brain data and have facilitated their research, business models, employee and athlete wellbeing. Together, we are using brain health to achieve holistic wellbeing

Brain Training Gyms

These gyms are center for neurofeedback-based brain assessment, training and wellness of people. Partner with us to start a brain training gym in your city and bring a positive in people’s life.

Neuphony will provide you with headband devices, and access to mobile and desktop application at a nominal cost to set up a center and make it a profitable business by helping people improve their mental wellness and life experiences. 

Training, Support & Maintenance

Product & Software upgrade  

Mobile App & Desktop App

Easy-to-wear EEG headband

Neuphony At Workplace

Give your employees experience that can help them destress by taking out time from a hectic schedule. Let them plan, analyze, organize and create a work-life balance.

Wellness or Performance Centers

People come to wellness & performance centers to work on their mental well-being and achieve their desired state. We collaborate with psychotherapists, fitness, meditation, and yoga centers or retreats to conduct workshops or set up pod at their centers to create more value for their customers by providing them real-time brain insights about their stress, focus scores, mood & PDR while they perform their services to the customers.

This not only helps provide validation to the customers but also strengthens their trust on service provider.

Training, Support & Maintenance

Raw EEG Data & Real Time Brain Insights

Available on rent for workshops

Product & Software upgrade

For Researchers

Accelerate your research through Neuphony’s uninterrupted real-time brain data. Make use of the hardware and software kit for a error-free brain and cognitive research.

How Can Neuphony Help ?


With the exceptional quality of EEG data received from Neuphony can be game changer in the brain research for the professionals. With Neuphony they can get real time raw EEG data, FFT and band powers with no hassles of wires or applying conducive gels.


Neuphony can be used for neuromarketing. It is possible to derive the two main metrics required for it i.e. valence and arousal (shown in the image above). These 2 parameters can help in defining the mood and further can be very useful in neuromarketing.


Neuphony employ volume modulation to give real-time feedback to users on their cognitive performance. Users experience the variation in volume of the music during the session based on how focused or calm are they. They can see their real time calm, focus scores along with the variations in the mood.

Self-Improvement (Bio-Hacking)

Neuphony can help user in their journey towards self- improvement. Users can track their stress and focus level over a period of time and get monthly/weekly insights on their phone and get personalised recommendations based on their scores. 

Organisations That Trust Us

Dr. Mahesh Jayachandra
Dr. Mahesh JayachandraBio-design Innovator Indian Institute of Science
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Impressed by this EEG headband, I bought it and put it through its paces at my DBT-funded, Cognitive Neurophysiology lab at St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore (pic). Though main focus of Neuphony team was on Brain Wellness, they were also open to modify it for clinical use and collaborating with researchers and Neuro start-ups. They were also extra-ordinarily generous with their resources (human and SDK). Even we have received ethical approval to conduct a pilot project to monitor neurophysiological indices in Stroke. I wish them all the very best in their future endeavors! And I also encourage other Cognitive Neuroscientists and Neuro-physicians to check them out.
Centre For Development of Advanced Computing
Centre For Development of Advanced Computing
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Brain Computer Interface (BCI) demands quality data for real-time processing. We are embarking on this important project considering Neuphony as an EEG data acquisition device. We got continuous dedicated support from enthusiastic team helping us to achieve our goal. The provision of raw data, comfortable light-weight and sleek design of the hardware are the additional benefits it. Many more opportunities on the way. Keep at it with the same zeal. Wish you all the very best for a bright future.
Government College Of Yoga, Education & Health
Government College Of Yoga, Education & Health
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We used Neuphony, to conduct research on 40 meditation group and 20 control group subjects, to see the impact of meditation on brain. We have been preaching about the importance of yoga to our students, but by applying neuroscience and technology, we are on a whole new level. Neuphony helped us in achieving that. Tracking EEG while performing research makes it fun, resourceful, and factual. The device was easy to wear and carry. Also, we are thankful to the team for their constant support. They helped us with every issue we faced in a calm and supportive way. Thank You Neuphony and Team for making our research a success!

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